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Z-Tree Z-MemoryPool is a lightweight application that provides a new sorting algorithm and data structure sorting as well as key-value mapping. What makes the tool stand out in the crowd is the fact that it can sort huge files of over 1GB directly in the memory. Nevertheless, the app requires very little system resources, sometimes even less than the file size itself.
You can perform the sorting in an ascending or descending order for any desired file on your computer. Following the operation, the app creates a new file in the same folder with the ASC or DESC extension, so you know precisely the type of sorting performed.
In the eventuality that the app stumbles upon two keys with a similar prefix, then it is configured to save the common key in the same nodes and branch nodes. Considering that this alone entails reducing the memory usage, the processing is done faster, especially as it is not based on time complexity or comparison.
A further noteworthy feature of the tool is the memory pool managing functions. Not only does it adjust the memory allocation to help you prevent potential memory leaks, but you can quickly detect unreleased memory or overflows with just one click.







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The new standard for sorting without destroying the original data. Simply scan over a file in which strings or sorting properties are presented, and the Z-Tree will sort the content in-memory based on these settings. Provide a sorting time limit, the ability to store settings, with support for patterns, and other intelligent functions of the sorting. The sorting algorithm is highly configurable. Can be used to sort any file type of any size – simply provide the first line or the entire content.
With regard to memory, the Z-Tree requires no more than 10x your total memory, and creates a new file with the same name as the first file but with the DESC (descending) or ASC (ascending) extension. You can make repeated sorts, without damaging the original data, using the same file. Simply scan the file with the highest capacity or the longest, as many times as you need, but not over 400,000 rows. Any of the records have a record type property to identify what type it is.

Z-Tree Z-MemoryPool in action:

General Information

Version: Z-Tree Z-MemoryPool

Language: Multi-language

File size: 5 MB


Z-Tree Z-MemoryPool Pricing:

Paid annual membership: $60

Paid lifetime access: $100

Community license: FREE

License: Shareware

File type:.MDF

Developer: Ronny Froese

Z-Tree Z-MemoryPool Category: Multimedia

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Z-Tree Z-MemoryPool Activation Code With Keygen Download

Taming huge files into your computer’s memory.
Countless times we have encountered all sorts of files, of which we could not copy or open. Even though it is a great idea to write a description or comment into the file, we end up accidentally erasing a lot of history.
Z-Tree solves this problem by providing the “memory pool”, which is essentially a file that contains the different records and each of them is sorted. Z-Tree Z-MemoryPool helps you keep track of each file, with its documents, and the activity that is performed on it.
If you have to set a priority on a certain document, you simply touch it a few times, and you will observe that the number of impact is shown in the memory pool. With this feature, you do not have to bother about the other files in the memory, since each of them is sorted separately.
Allows you to perform the sorting in an ascending or descending order.
Another popular sorting tool is aquiterix. This tool also uses the file to create a file with a new extension. However, it will not create files if the current file size is less than 50MB, because it would consume too much memory. In addition, the sorting process is not as fast as Z-Tree Z-MemoryPool.


Reliable sorting and key-value storage in the memory
Z-Tree is a sorted memory for all types of the data that can be found in the memory. Z-Tree Z-MemoryPool is a simple tool to help you quickly sort and store the data in the memory. This app also manages the memory, thus making it fast, efficient and more flexible.
Once the program is started, you need to choose the folder where the output file needs to be placed. It is very easy to use. The sorting process is very simple and you do not have to specify any details or spend time to understand the program.
Moreover, with the help of this tool, you can eliminate the loop in your programming, because you do not have to match the key to the file on each loop. Z-Tree can also find the duplicate keys automatically.
Once the sorting process is done, you will find the output file in the same folder. On top of that, it is also possible to store the data in other folders, as well. The data will be sorted in accordance with the chosen folder.
Another excellent feature of the tool is the fact that you can keep

Z-Tree Z-MemoryPool

Sorting files in ascending or descending order in a simple and intuitive manner. It is a great tool for sorting the files and for creating other files with a defined extension (in the same folder). The tool is developed especially for sorting lots of files and for freeing up the memory that has been used for that purpose.
Key Features:
1. Create files with an ASC or DESC extension
2. Sort files and directories alphabetically (ASC or DESC order)
3. Sort a file or directory directly in the memory
4. Stops on duplicate keys when applying the sorting
5. Creating files of any type
6. Sort files of over 1GB without additional hardware
7. Memory pool managing functions
8. Displays the memory usage in the status bar
9. Memory warning to alert you if you are using too much memory
10. Memory and CPU usage display
How to get the memory usage
Press the Memory tab of the configuration menu to display the Memory and CPU usage.
How to get the memory warning
The application generates a warning by default when it comes across memory is being used too much or by using too much CPU. To show or hide the warning, press the button indicated in the same configuration menu.
How to get help
If you wish to get more information about a certain option, you can press the button or enter a key in the configuration menu.
How to get help
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What’s New in the?

Z-MemoryPool is the latest tool for sorting gigabytes of data. It is based on the same sorting algorithm as Z-Tree and provides an efficient user interface, with a good performance. The sorting algorithm is completely different from the traditional ones, providing faster speeds with minimum operating resources.
You can sort a huge file in just a few seconds, though it must be noted that the tool is optimized for computers with a higher memory capacity. Moreover, thanks to its intuitive user interface and the ability to manage memory usage, the sorting tool is highly recommended for professionals who deal with large files on a daily basis.
Another salient feature of the sorting tool is its capacity to manage keys, whose prefix can be repeated in the input file. This not only facilitates the operation, but it also creates branches for those elements having the same prefix, reducing memory consumption, which is why the app is well suited for sorting large files.

Z-Tree Z-MemoryPool Features:
1. The sorting algorithm has been optimized to be faster than the traditional sorting. The tool is capable of sorting gigabytes of data in a short time while minimizing the system resources.
2. The sorting algorithm is based on a fixed-length representation. The operations on the keys are based on the assumption that all keys have the same length, which is not true for real-world data, where it often happens keys that have a different length. However, the sorting algorithm can detect and sort keys that are shorter than the others.
3. Support for memory pool management, so as to prevent memory leaks. Z-MemoryPool keeps track of the allocation and the free memory from the beginning, so it is easy to detect eventual overflows and detect when your hard drive has no more space.
4. Sorting the keys based on their prefix. The algorithm is based on the assumption that all keys having the same prefix are data belonging to a single node, resulting in a stronger sorting, as Z-MemoryPool detects and sorts keys having the same prefix.
5. The sorting algorithm is not based on time complexity, and this is why it is considered a reliable sorting algorithm.
6. The sorting operation is performed directly on the file, thus it is faster than the other tools. Additionally, thanks to the memory pool management, Z-MemoryPool takes less time to perform sorting of large files.

Z-Tree Z-MemoryPool Installation:
You can install the Z-MemoryPool tool on either the Windows 8 platform, or you can


System Requirements:

Minimum specifications:
Processor: 2.4 GHz Dual-Core CPU
Memory: 1GB RAM
Graphics: 1GB video memory (support DirectX 9.0/10)
Hard Disk: 3GB available space
Additional Requirements:
Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 or later
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and Windows Server 2008 or later
Internet Explorer 6 or later, Firefox 3.6, Safari 4, Google Chrome (includes Flash 10)
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