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WAV Splitter Software is a basic, no-nonsense application that can be used to split WAV audio files into multiple smaller parts, making it easier to share particularly large recordings.
It offers support for batch processing, enabling you to trim large numbers of files in one go, but it lacks some useful features and has a rather disappointing interface.
Straightforward utility suitable for batch file processing
WAV Splitter Software enables you to add as many sound files as you like to the processing queue, which means it is a great tool for users who often have to split numerous recordings.
When importing new items, you can simply rely on drag and drop, but it is also possible to quickly load all the files from a particular folder with a couple of mouse clicks.
Easy-to-use program that offers limited functionality
After adding the source files, you need to specify at what interval they should be split. The easiest way is to select one of the preset values, but you also have the option of inserting a particular number.
However, you cannot split the files based on size, a function that would certainly have come in useful in certain scenarios.
Also, it is not possible to listen to the files in order to determine exactly where the split points should be set.
Features a bland and outdated UI
While the application does its job fairly well, it is worth mentioning that the user interface needs some major improvements. Despite its simple layout, the UI is noticeably out of date, which is why potential users may turn to other software solutions.
All in all, WAV Splitter Software is a simple, no-nonsense application that does exactly what its name suggests. It enables you to split WAV files into multiple parts, and it supports batch processing, but it could use a couple of extra features, as well as an updated UI.







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