TxQuickView Crack [Mac/Win]

TxQuickView was designed to be a universal file viewer plugin for Total Commander. It embeds Windows Media Player, QuickTime and RealPlayer for multimedia files and shows all information (including resources) for executable files.
The viewer for Delphi forms can be easily extended with your own derived Delphi classes by adding them to TxQuickView.ini. TxQuickView hosts the Internet Explorer for viewing HTML and PDF. If a folder is selected in TC, TxQuickView displays a tree view with subfolders and their sizes.
Support for many file formats
– Image files
– Multimedia files
– Delphi forms
– Executable files including resources
– Font files
– HTML files







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TxQuickView Free Download [April-2022]

TxQuickView Cracked Version is a zip file adding 2 applications:
– TxQuickView v.2 (or TxQuickView Classic), a file viewer for Windows (any version).
– TxQuickView v.3 (or TxQuickView Advanced), a file viewer that also displays any information for files which can be displayed by the Windows icon properties.
Or, if you prefer the 2 applications in one file, don’t hesitate to unzip it.
Download Page:
Download Page:
Google Code:
Download Page:
Except the extracted contents in TxQuickView v3, all source code is licensed under the GPL. In the case of TxQuickView v3, I respect your copyrights and you can use that without limitation.
* If you would like to suggest improvements or report issues, contact me on my personal email:
[email protected]
* If you would like to support the development of TxQuickView, you can donate via PayPal:
[email protected]
* If you would like to support TxQuickView and help fund the development, there are dedicated buttons to contribute:

* For any donation (including PayPal or libero.it buttons) bigger than $10, please contact me for the receipt for tax deduction.

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TxQuickView Free X64

TxQuickView is a file viewer plugin for the free Total Commander. You can move, copy and delete the files in a simple GUI. With the free demo version of Total Commander, you can take a look at the features.
What is new in this version:
– now, you can select sub-folder for moving the files
– now, TC can handle to list of images (with open, new etc. buttons)
– supports ZIP and TAR archives
– now TC shows icon for folder and different file types
– now, the HTML file is shown in TC (browser control)
– now, the PDF files can be opened
– now, both directories and files are selectable
– now, the fonts are also selectable
– now, the Delphi form can be opened and shown
– some minor bug fixes
This plugin is free!
Open Source?
You are welcome to fork it, and make your changes for your own use (License subject to CC BY).
Need some help?
Feel free to contact me!
If you like it and you like to see the plugin even more, I would be happy about any donation!
A small donation:
A more meaningful one:
Your donation will help me to continue working on TxQuickView.

What’s New in the?

Consider it as a complete virus scanner for your Windows system. TxQuickView will scan files and folders for malware and exploit them. TxQuickView adds automatic and professional scanning technology to any version of Windows.
TxQuickView Features:

– Scan your computer on the fly!
– Save your computer’s security from new threats, and add functionality such as system monitoring, a memory scanner, and a hidden file finder.
– Scan both local and remote computers for malware and exploit threats, including:
– Fake Windows updates, live updates, and live hotfixes
– Malware, Trojan, Backdoors, Worms, Spyware, Malvertising, Spam, Phishing
– Malicious system and registry changes, and hijacking
– Autochk, MSPD, and other Windows security applications, including all vulnerabilities
– Exploit code, backdoors, and software hijacking tools
– Quick scan and immediate results are ensured by our exclusive scan engine, which will work with the most powerful computers on the market today:
– 2.1GHz Pentium 4, or higher
– 2GB or more RAM
– Windows 98SE to Windows 7
– Pentium 166 MHz
– Pentium III 150 MHz
– Scan an entire folder with a single click!
– The latest scans are displayed in an easy to read thumbnail format.
– Switch between 10 languages and 25 languages supported by API / SuperObject!
– Autostart with Windows and can be enabled via the interface!
– Scanners are protected by the latest 128 bit encryption algorithms in RSA-2048 and SHA-256, and log all scans in full AES-256 encryption!
– Scan your computer’s hard drive on the fly!
– Scan folders including all subfolders!
– Scan local and network drives, including removable drives!
– Scan removable drives when connected to your computer!
– Configure scanning from within the interface!
– Scan both internal and external drives!
– A quick scan can be performed on removable drives!
– An Advanced Scan can be performed on all drives!
– Set a password for the Advanced Scan to protect sensitive data!
– A recent scan can be reviewed on the interface!
– Save results in a “recent files” list!
– Reset to the default settings in the Advanced settings for the scanner!
– A serial


System Requirements For TxQuickView:

Windows XP or higher.
Processor: 2.4GHz (Intel Pentium III) or higher.
Memory: 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended).
Hard Drive: 1.5 GB free hard disk space.
Graphics: DirectX 9.0 or higher capable graphics card with 256MB of VRAM (Nvidia GeForce FX or higher) or CPU that supports SSE2
DirectX: DirectX 9.0 or higher capable graphics card with 256MB of VRAM (Nvidia GeForce FX or higher) or CPU