Roblox vs Pokemon

Roblox and Pokemon are the two major brands in the gaming world. Pokemon is considered one of the most fun games in the kid’s criteria because of its attractiveness and influence on cartoon characters? Roblox is the most widely spread platform with millions of other mini-games to enjoy.

Both the games are equally popular among the generation and have their worth in billions. But Roblox has some exclusive features which make it better than any other game on the planet. In this article, we will discuss the difference between both the games and which one is better.

What is Roblox?

It is a unique gaming platform that allows many features which make it exceptional from any other game. You can use it on any operator. Their mission is to create a single platform where all the developers and players can interact and benefit. They have almost 3 million developers who make your gaming experience more enticing with the creative 3D arenas. You can fight, build and imagine with or without your friends in the dual player mode that include multiplayer and add single-player settings. They have an in-game currency Roblox which is for making in-app purchases. There is a Roblox clothing template for creating designer clothing for your character.

Many online entertainment platforms have given Roblox top rank as it is popular among people under 18 years. It has created the clout of millions through the interactive and engaging content available. David Baszuki and Eric Cassel launched this game as a small venture for kids. But it has become a prominent brand among adults as well. The developer uses the language Lua for programming new games for Roblox.

What is PokemonGo?

The gaming platform was one of the major platforms to promote augmented reality. The platform uses devices GPS to find the location. You need to visit and catch these Pokemon.

The current number of pokemon in the game is about 600. You have to catch them and hatch eggs to get more or even exchange them in return for another with other users. The game also has a lot of assets that get bought by in-app purchases that give you a better gaming experience.

The motive of the platform is to collect pokemon and then train them for a battle to win gyms and make them better. The game promotes physical movement and activities because the trainer has to go outside and find the Pokemon Redeem. Around 2016 the platform was one of the most well-received games and, players liked the idea of the game. The game also promoted local business because of players’ visits but sometimes the platform was also criticized for causing more traffic and accidents. In 2020 due to lockdown and pandemic, the platform had to face a setback but, it did not affect the true fans of the game.

Which is game is better?

Both the games are good in their respective fields. But Roblox has become very popular over the last few years and, it has exceeded the popularity of any other game of its genre. The fact that you can not only play any game but also develop it to make revenue from the source is giving it an upper hand over any other 3D world.

Pokemon go lost its edge because of the pandemics. People cannot go out to catch Pokemon due to lockdown and other restrictions. To overcome this issue, the developers have introduced new features to help the players enjoy the game without moving out of their homes. Roblox has good parental control which allows the agents to be aware of the activities and conversations with other players.

Pros and cons of Roblox

  • Multiple numbers of mini-games allow you to surf and choose any genre.
  • It allows the developers to make a living.
  • The in-game currency is not affordable but, many people look for freeways to get premium items without spending a penny.
  • Some games are not appropriate for kids so, the parents need to keep an eye on their children’s activities.
  • The platform has more than a hundred million visits every month.

Pros and cons of Pokemon

  • It is one of the best games based on augmented reality.
  • The platform allows users to go out of their comfort and find pokemon in the open areas. This feature lets you explore the world while getting intact with the game.
  • The game got based on one of the most popular cartoons of the decade. It makes every adult and kid connect in a better manner.
  • There are no mini-world/games like in Roblox.
  • The game is restricted to a particular theme and does not have the probability of making new updates.


Roblox is better than Pokemon go in many aspects. But both the games are equally popular among the players because of their unique properties. You can go through the above points before making any final decision.

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