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The main features are as follows:

1. Make your own adventure as a Tarnished Knight in an open world with a 3D layout and vast areas.
2. Undertake a challenging quest together with other players, each with their own play styles.
3. Detailed graphics, high framerate, and rich content make the fantasy world alive and captivating.
4. Enjoy an intuitive drag-and-drop mini-map and world map!

Your Duty: Strive to Become an Elder
In the Lands Between, the glory of the Elden Ring Crack must be defended and upheld, and only those who are worthy of being considered as Elden Knights may fight as members of the Forces of Light that protect the Ring. Become a Tarnished Knight, and prove yourself.

Gather the forces of the Forces of Light that fight against the Forces of Darkness that threaten the Order of the Elden Ring Torrent Download, and eliminate them. Defend the Elden Ring, and prepare for the upcoming Battle of the Souls that will decide the fate of the Worlds Between.

Using the items you gain from combat or the item chests that you find, you can select and equip a wide variety of equipment. Every item holds the soul of the one who wielded it in the past. Use that soul power to enrich your adventure and make your fate as a Tarnished Knight different from that of your rivals.
Make friends and play with others to increase your stats and allies.
Daily items can be accumulated and used to obtain and improve the strength and defense of your weapon and armor.
To improve your attack power, use the force of your ally for support and enhance your moves.
Specially strengthened items can be used to weaken your enemies.
The more you use, the more powerful they become.

The tip of your weapon will be dyed as you equip items.
Experience the thrill of matching your appearance to your favorite weapon.
You can change the appearance of your weapon and armor at your convenience.
The weight and balance of your equipment will be adjusted.

Combat and Strategy


– Double Tap – 2 attacks in succession. You can hold down the Shift key to slash two more times.

– Back Attack – You must press Shift and Back, then release it.

– Left Command – Maintain the button that you press


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Elden Ring is the first fantasy action RPG from Nippon Ichi Software
  • An open world full of adventure and a wide variety of quests
  • An RPG with an epic story in which the main characters have drastically different traits
  • An MMO free from grinding in which you can enjoy an exciting story by cooperating with other players
  • A dynamic class-based system that allows for the combination and transformation of weapons
  • A dazzling world where you can freely proceed in single player or cooperatively across three roles (Adept, Attacker, Mage) to brandish the power of the Elden Ring
  • Teams, Explorations, and Guilds Free and Easy to Start With
    Take on an epic adventure with your friends. There are teams within teams. Explore your own lands with others. Invite other guilds under your authority.
  • New Attributes
  • Enhance your character’s individual attributes as you adventure in an RPG unlike any other.

  • Powers
  • Equip your character with the power to warp to other dimensions and fight enemies with strength that is seemingly boundless.

    Key features:

    • A system that allows the combination and transformation of weapons


    Developed by NIS AMERICA INC.
    Copyright (C) 2016 NIS America Inc.
    All Rights Reserved

    •••NA Nippon Ichi Software America Inc.
    Copyright (C) 2016 NIS America Inc.



    Pheromonal communication of perfusion status on the sand


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    “[The Elden Ring] takes me to a sort of freedom between the fantasy setting and the real setting of the game. There’s a freedom in the scene, and a freedom in the playstyle. The graphics do well in making this game be alive.”

    -Devil’s Post (PC-Guide)

    “I love Elden Ring. It’s an excellent fantasy RPG with a unique art style. I would advise players who enjoy black and white cartoons to play this game.”

    -[Perfect Game]

    “Nice game for people that have a certain amount of nostalgia for fantasy, people that appreciate the art style and music of the old Shinobi games, or people that would like to explore an alternative to the more recent Pokemon RPGs.”

    -Rocket & Company

    “The combination of the deep, fantasy-ish storyline with a fast-paced combat system is attractive, and the gloomy dungeon and fantasy world is well captured.”

    -kagamine lily

    “If you’re a fan of watching anime but are looking for a deeper storyline and different style of gameplay, I highly recommend picking up this title.”


    “The graphics and music are quite pleasing. It is also a very appealing game. Elden Ring contains gameplay that may not appeal to people outside the fantasy genre.”


    “What makes this game so enjoyable is the incredible art and music. The Game’s very stylish graphics matched with the high-quality soundtrack have made this game a favorite of mine.”


    “I really wanted to play Shinobi/Ninja Gaiden after seeing all the ninja/Samurai anime we had to deal with. Elden Ring has given me what I’ve been looking for.”


    “Elden Ring has some really unique features and gameplay ideas. Despite the long development time, it’s definitely worth playing if you want to experience something different.”


    “Elden Ring is a free and fun game that mixes RPG elements with fighting for a unique style.”

    -Hardcore GameplayQ:

    Excel – is it possible to sort a column by number of times it is displayed


    Elden Ring Crack Activation Code Free

    [Opening Cinematic]

    In the Lands Between, fantasy action has always been filled with overwhelming battles and endless money. There are many people who long for a world where they could battle limitless enemies in a vast world. In the recent evolution of games, however, there have only been a few games in which you can battle without worrying about the need to constantly level up. The main strength of FINAL FANTASY is the creation of stories, and the strength of ELDEN RING is its online function. We are working to integrate these two properties.

    The ground you’ve entered is the Lands Between. Why not unleash your full power and become an Elden Lord in this land?

    Katsuda Aya – Producer

    That depends. If you’re a man, raise your sword and work hard. Otherwise, you can just play. If you’re a girl, raise your shield and protect yourself.

    [In-game text]

    “I don’t really plan to find an Elden Lord.”

    *Man or Woman – If you’re a man, raise your sword and work hard.

    *Woman or Man – If you’re a woman, raise your shield and protect yourself.

    If you’re a man, raise your sword and work hard. If you’re a woman, raise your shield and protect yourself.

    [In-game text]

    I have the spirit and body of a samurai from the Kingdom of Ardana. In the XV century, the Kingdom of Ardana was one of the most powerful countries in the world.

    “The heart of a samurai is in the soul of the kingdom.”

    That heart had been left behind as I made my way into this world.

    Katsuda Aya – Producer

    This place is so vast. A new world of adventure will open its doors to you.

    [In-game text]

    A new world of adventure. New quest with new challenges awaits you. What will you do to seize your destiny?


    [Opening Cinematic]

    The lands lying between your world and the other realities are the Lands Between.

    In the Lands Between, fantasy action has always been filled with overwhelming battles and endless money. There are many people who long for a world where they could battle


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    ■ multiplayer Play that Is Easy to Master
    • Together with friends, take on missions, delve into dungeons, and forge an alliance! As you play with your friends, characters become more powerful, and you develop magical powers such as levitation, resurrection, and perception.
    • Multiplayer Combat
    Support the same game mode as the main game on the same console. Cross-platform play for up to 4 players who are connected to the same network.

    ■ magnificent Discoveries of the Casteless Elven Race that Lived There
    In the Lands Between, where the elven race had been battling for centuries, the Cleansing Hyco happened. This violent conflict, which occurred 5,000 years ago, created a hole that the Tower of the Heavens was later thrust into. Since that time, the land has been referred to as the Land of the Bare-Elven.

    A new society, called the Starfolk, has emerged in the Land of the Bare-Elven. As they believe the world to be different from reality, they will do anything to convince people that the world is a world of the wild.
    In a new fantasy survival RPG, experience combat, and delve into dungeons with a group of heroes as you try to protect a refugee girl from a terrifying invasion.
    ◆ an exhilarating fantasy adventure
    • a combat system that allows for a seamless switching between action and strategy
    Devolve into a monster by dying during battle and add an intimidating sense of danger to your character
    With an invincible opponent who cares only about bloodlust, you can win only by defeating them while avoiding damage.
    ◆ an original story begins with “the Cleansing Hyco”
    5,000 years ago, the elven race was beset by the chaos of the Twisting Void. In order to save the people, they spread out into the lands surrounding the Twisting Void.
    In the lands were the elves had settled, a conflict erupted. The elves believed that the world was different from the one seen by everyone else, so they tried to convince humans that the world was a world of the wild.
    The humans believed and followed them, and wars continued until finally a legendary battle erupted. It was the “Cleansing Hyco.”
    This battle was an unending mass of high-speed, frantic combat, resembling madness more than a battle.
    • the


    Download Elden Ring PC/Windows

    1. Unrar.
    2. Burn or mount the image.
    3. Install the game.
    4. Copy the cracked content from the SKIDROW directory on the image to your game install directory (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Elder Scrolls Online\Binaries).
    5. Play the game.
    Terms of use:
    1. Do not distribute or modify the original game.
    2. Do not use the crack/cheat/mod for purposes other than playing the game as intended.
    3. Do not re-upload the cracked content elsewhere.
    4. Do not re-distribute the crack/cheat/mod to other users.
    5. Do not claim the crack/cheat/mod as your own work.
    6. Display the crack content in public areas or in the case of mods/canshakes that change the base game, publish a link to their website.
    7. Do not use the crack/cheat/mod in a way that affects the usability of the game.
    8. Links to the crack/cheat/mod will not be removed.
    9. Links to websites that host crack/cheat/mods shall not be removed.
    10. Link to official website of the game
    11. Tell everyone that you know that you have this crack/cheat/mod

    Never compare yourself to others – you’re different. Use it. You’re only here for yourself.
    ❝No morés todos tus problemas. Elija manjar a todos.❞
    ?‍? Kindness, Mercy, Charity?‍?
    Kindness is the sweetest trait of our nature, as it extends to all creatures around us; Therefore, it is almost impossible to not treat others with love and kindness. We take one thing at a time, and we must see every other as a different part of ourselves. This allows us to see our flaws, others’ shortcomings, and bring us closer to perfection.
    ? Mercy/Kindness/Pity, God’s Wisdom to Mankind
    Only God can judge us, so we must teach ourselves not to judge others. This is the most important process of learning God’s mercy. Yet, in spite of God’s wisdom, we still struggle with sinning others. When we begin to heal others, we take away our own punishment.
    ? Charity/Compassion, God’s


    How To Crack:

  • Download and double-click on the installer file to start the installation of the game. After the game setup completes, run the game.

  • If you’re going to use this method, you MUST follow these 3 important steps to use this crack.

  • 1. Follow ALL in the Crack instructions

  • 2. Optifine/Hombre (If you can’t get the game to work before you do this, then run the program to activate the files in the crack folder)

  • 3. Install Autorun from Autorunmed

  • Your main game file (eliren.exe / eliren.bak)

  • Tips & Tricks:

    To automatically start your game after you log-in, add your game path to your autoexec.cfg file in the Autorunmed path. (The following shows an example with /path/to/the/game)

    To uninstall the game, delete game.exe from the Eliren folder. (The game will work the same without it)

    If you prefer to rip out the crack and keep a clean install, and NOT use the NFO, then just look for the crack files and extract them after the install.

    Make sure you also (use NFO ESPECIALLY)

    1. Download and install NFO ESP

    Unzip NFO ESP first

    If you don’t like the new interface at first, then 1. Change the ‘Appearance’ of install files

    2. Browse the installed NFO ESP files


    System Requirements:

    Player Number:
    Up to 3 players
    Screen Resolution:
    1024 x 768
    1.8 GHz Processor
    2 GB RAM
    32 GB available space
    Sound Card:
    Stereo Speakers and microphone are required
    Additional Notes:
    Please note that the purpose of this tournament is to have a basic guide for players who would like to be a part of this. The purpose of this is not to leave anyone out


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