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You may know the Elden Ring Crack For Windows from Dragon’s Dogma, a fantastic action RPG that united its many fans around the world. They believe that they could not produce a Dragon’s Dogma that would have just as much gameplay and fantasy appeal, and the result of their hard work is THE ELDEN RING GAME!


Genre Fantasy Action RPG

Platforms PC, PS4, Xbox One

Release Date TBA 2019


Content summary



In the Lands Between, two worlds of legend and vision collide. In the world of Legend, the land sleeps in eternal darkness. There, dragons and humans dwelled together since ancient times, creating a rich tapestry of mythology and folklore. In the world of vision, humanity struggles for survival against a mysterious calamity that threatens to consume it.

In this world, humanity mysteriously disappeared centuries ago. Only beings that are split between light and dark and the dragon Elden stand in the way of its extinction. One of them, the dark dragon Tarnished, has the ability to control the mist. It is said that he will lead the Earth to a new beginning.

However, he will only agree to the return of humanity if a fragment of light and its corresponding fragment of darkness that connect to the dragon’s heart are also brought back. The fragment of darkness is known as a “Negative Stone.”

The “Crown of Creation,” created through the faith of thousands of elven refugees, is about to be destroyed. The return of humanity hinges on the rescue of the crown. However, the human and Dark dragon clans are on the opposite sides of the conflict. Without the Crown’s power, they are helpless.

In a bid to save not only the country, but the world, the two clans, together with a group of young dragon and human fighters, embark on a journey through the lands of vision in order to accomplish their objectives.


Dungeon design that revives the tradition of fantasy RPGs

You will challenge enemies with an amazing sense of atmosphere while experiencing an even greater sense of immersion. Through the theme of “dragon’s vision,” the design of the game


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • In addition to attractive appearance, sellable items are added.
  • Become a member of an order (Warrior, Dragon) to receive additional benefits.
  • Good items with exclusive appearance will appear in the marketplace so check it every day.
  • Crafting system is a new system that allows you to customize an equip
  • Advanced multiplayer, where you can directly connect with other players and travel together.
  • Asynchronous online, where you can easily find the presence of others.

    • Tough and durable role playing item
    • A new system that allows you to customize it.
    • Purchase maximum items to increase your equipment


    • Toughest classes with massive weapon and armor sets
    • A new Crafting system that allows you to customize the equipped items
    • Overwhelming and tactical boss fights


    Crafting system is a new system that allows you to customize the equipments that you own.
    Not only the set equipment items are enhanced for enhanced fighting abilities, but the synergistic craftable items can also be craft in order to improve their unique traits.
    There are various ways to craft each item, such as combining raw materials.
    Goals for crafting your all weapons and armor items? To be able to go beyond normal fighting capacities, and to become a legend?


    Campaign online and asynchronous play by creating your own private Lobby.
    Input information and materials, and share content with other users using Battleboards.

    On Crafting:

    Or applied in battle, your items will degrade through use and level up for weapon and armor development.

    On Character Advancement:

    The higher level your own stats develop, the more your potential and duties will improve. Earn points to put them to use.



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    – “The eluded fantasy world has revved up once again. Before any other RPG, this game is the “fantasy” RPG.”
    – “A long time ago, The People of the Sun, the gods of light, brought their world into being. They planted the stars and drew up the constellation of the gods in the sky. They held the spirits of the earth, and they produced a world from nothing by their Divine Power. From there, the Earth created a creation called The World, and from that, they took a man and became a race called “human”. How you live your life, how you walk the earth is up to you. The Land of the Elden Ring Cracked Accounts invites you to enter the world of a new generation. Take up the oni staff, and begin your adventures. – YOSHIHAMA Kazuhisa”

    – “There is an epic, draw-to-the-center fantasy world in Cracked Elden Ring With Keygen, but as I continued to play, I felt there was much more to it than the game had let me see yet.”
    – “Unlike many other fantasy games, there is a great degree of reality that feels like it’s being projected in this game, and it feels like it’s presenting a grand myth. Maybe it’s because the fantasy role-playing genre is still a relatively new genre, but I’m still amazed at the level of thought that went into this game’s production.”

    – “In the beginning, I couldn’t wait to become an elf… It turned out that it was just a game. I realize that these are just words.”

    – “It’s time to shine in the world of the Lands Between, and start the adventure to change the world of the Elden Ring Crack Free Download!”

    – “One of my very favorites in the fantasy series!”

    – “If you’ve been waiting for a fantasy RPG with more life, then this is it!”

    – “It’s a shame that the game just ends, because it should’ve gone on. I’d still love to play some more.”

    – “This game deserves more praise.”

    – “An RPG of great importance.”

    – “It’s good enough to be a game about a fantasy world full of action and excitement!”

    – “Good job on the production.”

    – “A wonderful game with a fantastic story.”



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    A new type of RPG fantasy action game created to play well with popular games of the past. The fantasy genre in the action genre is connected to the RPG genre, and the game comfortably fits in with the RPG genre, allowing you to play a fantasy adventure game with the same style as the RPG genre. By combining a large scale action aspect with the high sense of gratifying RPG experience of the genre, it is recommended that you have fun.

    RPG genre like?

    With a customizable character, you can freely create your own character. Select a race, an appearance, and a build. Use magic, and create unique bonds with your companions. With a variety of fight scenes, you can enjoy the thrill of the action as you fight against big groups of enemies.

    Character creation

    With a variety of weapons and armor, you can freely create your own character and enjoy the feeling of a fantasy RPG game. Through a variety of magic, you can customize your character. Equipping bonds, you can come together with your companions in various ways. It is possible to have a character with a variety of different play styles according to your own imagination.

    Assemble your own team and adventure together

    Not only are you able to play alone, but you can play with friends at the same time. Since the game world is seamlessly connected, there are no areas you cannot pass through, so there is no such thing as being forced to continue on a quest alone.

    Areas and dungeons

    In addition to being smoothly connected, the world map can also be seamlessly expanded to large maps so that you can have a sense of enjoying your own adventure. In a war-torn, rock-strewn region, a vast forest, or a deep sea, you can feel your own sense of adventure.

    Each dungeon is filled with various enemies such as monsters, humanoids, and others, and since you and your companions can be split up and attacked, it becomes necessary to use teamwork. The dungeon is a place where a battle can take place and an adventure can occur.

    Or you can create your own world

    You can create your own world. Using the scenario mode, you can freely create your own world. By using a variety of magic and items, you can create a world for you to explore.

    Developer’s Comment ELDEN RING

    “In ‘The Tarnished Prince,’ the fantasy role-playing genre playfully combined


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    In this world where silent darkness falls, the fairing hero line has receded into the night.
    But a great evil looms ahead, as a black night a terrifying shadow that has come from the blackest of darkness.
    Fight together with your partner as a pair on the battlefield to draw out the mysterious terrors.
    【Kind of game】
    – Turn-Based Tactical RPG
    – Fights in VR with NFC
    – Character-centric and group-focused battle
    – Over 100 characters
    – Combat RevolutionTM with an easy-to-use battle interface
    【Character system】
    – Create the Powerful Soul of Your Hero
    – Equip a variety of weapons, accessories, and armor to make your character stronger!
    – Each has his special skills and various support functions
    【Social Action Combat system】
    – Online Play with the Main Characters in VR
    – Battle with the Nation, in-game and in VR!
    – Character Selection and Referral for Localization and Better Balance
    【Character Record and Location】
    – Each characters have been designed as if they are the actors of a Vocaloid Hero.
    – Each character can receive an accessory and support item to make their fighting style unique!
    – Each character has a unique member profile and recording location, so you can check out their appearance and backgrounds.
    【Game Story】
    – The Fairy God that was Demoted by the Elden King
    – The Lands Between, a mysterious place where monsters appear suddenly.
    – An enigmatic Vast World where time moves differently.
    – A Warrior Returning to Life Who has Defied Death, the Death Demon King.
    【Starting Weapon】
    – How can you make the best mix of magic and brute force?
    – Investigate until you are strong enough to wield Thor’s Hammer!
    – Explore the Lands Between, a fatal place where monsters appear.
    – A multitude of dangerous characters wait to show their hand.
    – With your partner as a duo, decide how to carefully infiltrate the land of demons to cast away the darkness.
    【Kingdom War Site】
    – Defy Death with your story-changing decisions in the world of Kingdoms.

    A Nintendo Wii U Software that is for use with the Nintendo Wii U GamePad.
    There is still a time where fun games with a unique atmosphere are still being developed.

    A Nintendo Wii U hardware that is for use with


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Windows 7 or later (64-bit)
    OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or later (64-bit)
    Processor: Intel Core i3-3305U, i5-3470U, i5-3570U or equivalent
    Memory: 4GB
    Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX or equivalent
    Storage: 300MB free disk space
    Additional Notes:
    Huge Thanks to:
    Oh, and the credits go to this awesome guy too: rred-US.
    Installation Instructions


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