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1. Gather Your Grandest Heroes
The characters and classes in the Lands Between are divided into two types of characters: Tarnished Heroes and Ultimate Heroes.
Tarnished Heroes (Rise and Fall Heroes)
Rise as an Ultimate Hero by collecting the Clarity Stones.
Fall as a Tarnished Hero by becoming wounded and losing Clarity Stones.
There are two main difference between Tarnished Heroes and Ultimate Heroes:
– The creation of Ultimate Heroes is restricted to an adventure quest that offers one of six different development paths.
– Tarnished Heroes will have the option to restore their health by healing at healing stations.
2. Fight in the War of the Titans
Form alliances with the other Heroes and enter the War of the Titans together in order to chase after the Dark King.
The War of the Titans brings about a variety of battles with different factions of monsters, as well as a variety of ways to form alliances and merge together.
3. Level Up with Elegant Battles
Fight in elaborate battles.
You can get the opportunity to strike important enemies with “Bite,” which hits with a soft blow and drains HP, “Taste,” which cuts the HP of the target enemy, and “Pierce,” which cuts off the target enemy’s hit points and damages all party members, to attack enemies with precision.
4. Acquire Skills with the Planning System
You can learn a variety of skills through the Skill Tree.
The more Skill Points you have, the more your Skills will be strengthened.
There are a variety of strengths and weaknesses among skills, so you should plan which to acquire through the Skill Tree.
5. Use Valuable Items with Fierce Battles
Equip various items and battle together with your party.
You can use items such as a powerful shield, a high-speed weapon, and a cure-all medicine.
You can also use the following powerful items with the Guild of Valor in the neutral region:
– Golden Armor
– Noble Shield
– Rune Scimitars
There will also be items that can be used with any standard weapon.
6. Explore the World with the Navigation System
Navigate in the wide world and continue your adventures.
You can also try to regain Clarity Stones by navigating to the new places.
7. Battle Bosses with Valuable Items
Enter the epic dungeon, defeat the foe, and obtain valuable items.
Make full use of the basic attacks and


Features Key:

  • Feel the sense of freedom to develop your character
  • Play in exhilarating battles
  • Enjoy the hellish action portrayed in an epic fantasy-like masterpiece
  • Become a Tarnished Lord and slay the Elden Ring!

    Download the “Fantasy Wars RPG – Tarnished” trailer now:

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    A Love for the Small Things
    Around the time that this game came out, players all over the world were playing it.

    This is the time when it came out, a small game that was popular in Japan, the title was changed to Elden Ring Crack Mac and is a game that allows you to feel the power of the Elden Ring. The story of this game is set in the future, and the world is a place where the Elden Ring is the most powerful force. In order to increase the strength of the Elden Ring, human beings have become shadows, and they are serving the Great Beast.
    The color and appearance of the game are simple, but there are diverse looks. In terms of the number of characters and the maps, it is the game with the largest scale in the real-time role playing games of the western world.

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    Elden Ring

    1. Deceive, Bind, or Kill
    The Elden Ring is now called the One Ring.
    What lies ahead? Decide your fate in a thrilling, action-packed, and engaging fantasy RPG.
    Gameplay ADVENTURE RPG game:
    2. Action Rave!
    Jump into a new world and unleash the power of the Elden Ring.
    Play freely and put your own unique strategy into play.
    Gameplay Multiplayer game:
    3. Multiplayer Madness
    Directly connect with other players and journey together.
    Flooded with the spirit of the game, you will feel like friends.
    Gameplay CUSTOMIZATION game:
    4. Design Your Own Character
    Each of your favorite characters is re-created in 3D.
    Customize your own character and fight to become an Elden Lord!
    Gameplay EQUIPMENT game:
    5. Customize Your Equipments
    Defeat your enemies with the best equipment.
    Equip your character with different weapons, armor, and magic to become stronger.
    • Experience the Relentless Action-RPG of the Elden Ring
    ※ Multiple difficulty levels.
    ※ Fight against a huge variety of enemies.
    ※ Fight in World Bosses and even in dungeon area bosses.
    ※ Explore the vast world.
    Fight in the Labyrinth! Become the Legend of the Elden Ring!
    Augmented Reality® FEATURE
    Tarnished Space (Three-dimensional AR World Environment)
    Augmented reality has been widely used as a video viewing experience, but has yet to be applied to games.
    The Tarnished Space feature of AR Game is applied in this game.
    Using the power of augmented reality, players will be able to experience the adventures and battles in an AR environment, in which they can see enemies attacking.
    Using the power of augmented reality, players will be able to experience the adventures and battles in an AR environment, in which they can see enemies attacking.
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    What’s new:

    Like its predecessor, “Portal Knights,” the game features the typical RPG elements of character leveling, quests and managing a party. Up to four players can enter into a same world together and meet one another anywhere in the game world and form a party with friends, automatically. The content and the atmosphere of “Portal Knights” have also been shifted from “Portal Knights.” Consequently, “Portal Knights” has come to be played as a completely different game. It’s better to say that “Portal Knights” is the gamesystem and “Portal Knights 2: The Destiny of an Unknown God” is its seperate title.

    Features of  “Portal Knights 2: The Destiny of an Unknown God”

    Multiplayer  Online RPG where you battle together with your friends.

    A vast and beautiful world where you complete quests to earn gold, and gear up your character and party.

    Play with up to four friends in the same game regardless of platform

    Buy and sell equipment to expand your party with gear at a vendor, and see what the characters in your party wear.

    It is easy to share rare equipment that rises and falls in price at the throng of online battles.


    Create Character, Equipment, Party & Budget from Cero of Kickstarter

    Crafting, in which you create your own gear that rises and falls in price in the throng of the battles.

    A highly dynamic system that continuously determines the prices in the market.

    You can obtain content cheaply with the technique of ingame currency (Cero Coin), such as crafting rare goods.

    Link up to your friends and share the content you create.

    Change the outfits of your character and party every week, as you travel around.

    Automatic Battle System (AI General).



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