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Whether you’ve been on many dates or are just starting out, read through the following tips for dating from a woman’s perspective to keep you on the right path. Know Your Body Type Your date is definitely checking you out. He or she may strike up a conversation about the weather, make awkward jokes, or compliment you on your body, but they may also be trying to determine what kind of person you are. Don’t let it be a blind date—you know what works for you and what may not. Everyone has a certain body type they’re drawn to—whether it’s slim or curvy, super fit or near-perfectly toned, a well-defined structure, round face, a short haircut, or full lips—but by being aware of your preferences, you can make a pretty good guess. This will play a huge role in determining whether you really click as a couple. The first step is to check out some of the online dating sites. You can then use this knowledge to help you out in future dates, letting them know a little bit about yourself. Most sites will show you pictures of people who fit your preferences in terms of body type. It’s a bit less like a dating site and more like a singles bar—you’ll likely see people you haven’t seen in a while, and will need to approach introductions with the right mindset. Show Proper Interest As mentioned above, your date is trying to see what kind of person you are. This can play out in all sorts of subtle ways, but they’re also fairly direct. A person can use body language, and certain words and phrases, to determine your relationship preferences. If, for example, they’re leaning into you or touching you or making unapologetic eye contact, it’s more than likely that they’re interested in developing a connection with you. If they don’t, ask them what kind of person they’re looking for. If they don’t know, show up for your date in appropriate, put-together clothes. You can also assess their interest by what they say. An interesting opener or off-the-cuff joke can be a great opener to get the ball rolling, and have you answering “interesting” questions. If you aren’t asking questions, however, you’re sending the message that you aren’t really interested in them. Dress Appropriately When you get dressed for a date, don’t feel like you have to hit the day-dr
The next time you go on a date, follow these tips to make it easier on yourself and your date. If you don’t know how to start a conversation, read this first Most people who go on a first date just want to get a feeling for how the other person will take to them and make an assessment of how he or she will respond to their advances. Sometimes it can be hard to tell, however, especially if you’re just meeting the person on a totally platonic basis. There are times when you want someone to strike up a conversation with you in a way that it feels natural for both of you. In those cases, it will be much easier for you if you have something in common to talk about, or if you have already established some type of conversational icebreaker. You may be meeting someone from a group you frequent or from another type of social activity (such as a work event or playgroup), so you can lead the conversation to a topic you both have an interest in. The key to keeping the conversation going is to never give up and to push through any awkward moments, even if they can feel uncomfortable to you. If you pick a social occasion where you are likely to be able to connect with your date, you’ll give yourself the best chances of success. Make yourself feel better about the date right off the bat One of the best ways to reassure yourself that you are going to get through the date is to accept the fact that you’ll be the one who is nervous and that nervousness is completely normal. You may be nervous about what will come next, but it’s a part of being human. If you are worried about the other person’s date etiquette or what will happen, don’t worry about it. Just focus on making small talk with your date and doing it well. Let him or her get to know you, and in time, you’ll know how to figure out that this is a person you would like to be a part of your life in some way, shape, or form. Focus on being happy with yourself and not on what the other person is doing. A little confidence goes a long way. Be open to feedback As you get comfortable on a date, you may want to show off and seem like you have what it takes to go the distance. It’s important to note, however, that you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself that you put yourself down in the moment or afterward. It’s up to you to