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1. Game Play Dialog
2. Save/Load State Dialog
3. Character Dialog
4. Background Dialog
5. Level Dialog
6. Pause Dialog
7. Cancel Dialog
8. License Dialog
9. About Dialog

…modern model which follow the user’s point of view and what he is doing.
Mainly looking to have a social networking site like whatsapp, facebook and twitter but i want to have more functionality and most importantly i am looking for an experienced and professional team that can do some customization.
we are mainly looking for c# developers but its open for all technology.
we need in-product chat, registration form with Open Id login.

We are looking for a simple online clothing business app. At the time of beginning it is just a shopping cart app. We have already built the website. I would prefer to not use the HTML5 framework because we are limited on the number of developers we can hire at the moment.
We also require good SEO/SEM knowledge.
The app is very simple. It just allows the users to sign up for an account and

…scripts are used to create a mobile website app.
I’m thinking to hire someone to do the job at $100/hr. or $30/hr. for the first 60 pages.
The website is a simple mobile game which is a tutorial for how to do the below tasks using short videos :
– change the date of an event
– invite friends on fb
– attach a photo
– add a comment
– share to other networks

I would like a full service advertising agency to come and create on a monthly basis similar videos to these ([se connecter pour voir l’URL]) but using our data, at the moment all are dummy videos and need editing…
so need to be done onsite.
It can be a 3d render.
Its a monthly job, you must be good at advertising, you must know what age groups to target, you must

We are an MMORPG game developer and are looking for a talented Graphic Designer to work with us.
You should have experience with Photoshop, but we are also looking for a good all around person.

…we need an admin panel. If we make a request, the admin will make the game, and we will collect the money.
There are 2 admin panels : [se connecter pour vo

Generic Game Engine For Windows

Generic Game Engine is a jQuery plugin that enabl…

Concept (C#) The Player (X)
The player is the first entity we will design. Since we are using sprites, the player is going to be a sprite object that moves across the canvas and can engage a variety of different situations.
A typical gameplay sequence for the player (X) game might be:
1) a party, with many of the other characters in the party
2) A battle with an enemy
3) Appa…

Here is a sample of what i need:
I am using the UNITY C# API and the existing API that is provided by their website. I would need to integrate the UNITY C# API into a existing C# game engine. This is because I already have a C# game engine which I need to integrate. The end result is the Unity C# API to be integrated into my existing C# game engine. You will need to review t…

I have a Unity 3D project that I’m running into a problem. There is a click event on a button which doesn’t work on my desktop while it works on my phone. I’m new to Unity so I don’t know why this is happening. The code is below.
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
public class StartScreen : MonoBehaviour
//mouse click
public void OnClick (float dt)
void OnMouseDown ()
//Code to execute in the press of the mouse button

I’m looking for someone to make a small contract for me. This will be very simple, it’s just a ‘press to send message” type function. If you’re interested please click ‘Accept’ below.

I am looking for someone to help me work on a project and complete it. It is a Unity game engine for the iPhone and on the Unity side, it is based on a Visual Basic project. It is a game platform with different parts like waiting room, tutorial, etc. It is a C# project with a Visual Basic project in the same solution for Unity development.
This person has to:
– complete the unity pu…

Need some help with a Unity project.
I have recently finished the doodle jump game for PC and now I am trying to

Generic Game Engine Product Key

1. Save and Load State
Generic Game Engine gives users a great opportunity to save their state on the fly and return anytime they want.
2. Soft Keyboard/Sprite View
Generic Game Engine allows the use of both a soft keyboard and standard Game Engine Keyboard view, that are optional.
3. Animation
Generic Game Engine has an animation option where you can use any image to put your characters into your game in just a few lines of code, with some simple tweaks.
4. Sprite Pool
Generic Game Engine enables you to create your own pool of sprites, but you can also use the standard Game Engine sprite library
5. Unicode Support
The Generic Game Engine has Unicode Support, allowing you to support different cultures and languages in your game
6. In-game Save State
In Generic Game Engine, saving and loading can occur within the in-game window, creating a save state rather than relying on a system menu.
7. XML Parser
The Generic Game Engine features a XML Parser that allows you to customize the core of the engine and use it as your game needs to expand.
8. Save State
The Generic Game Engine allows you to save and load states on the fly
9. Save Game
Generic Game Engine allows you to save your game and resume it later at any time
10. Animations
Generic Game Engine has an easy way to animate any image of your choosing
11. Multiplayer
Generic Game Engine lets you chat, play and interact with other players
12. Simple Networking
Allows you to connect to the internet and play games over the internet
13. Keyboard Views
Generic Game Engine gives users the option to use their keyboard to input some game info
Using Generic Game Engine:
1. Preloader
In order to reduce and eliminate loading screens, the Generic Game Engine has an optional preloader.
2. Event Handlers
The Generic Game Engine has an easy way to handle events, making your games react to changes.
3. Image Constraints
The Generic Game Engine supports using any image, so you can create games out of any images you want.
4. XML
The Generic Game Engine features an XML Parser that allows you to customize the core of the engine and use it as your game needs to expand.
5. Animation
The Generic Game Engine has an easy way to animate any image of your choosing.
6. Sprite Pool
The Generic Game Engine enables you to create your own pool of sprites, but you

What’s New In?

The Generic Game Engine for Widget Engine is a framework that is especially
designed to accommodate tile based games.
Generic Game Engine for Widget Engine Features:
■ Layered, categorized edit dialogs
■ Base network requests are processed by the engine for faster
response times
■ Server side functions support routing based on the current URL
■ Support for multiple files and folders
■ Auto-complete string suggestions
■ Support for getting and setting variables
■ Support for multiple variables and their storage
■ Support for Restricted and Unrestricted variables
■ Support for Inheritance in Models
■ Support for Activation and Deactivation of custom actions
■ Support for abstract business logic views
■ Support for Text and file format review
■ Support for custom logic validation
■ Cross platform support in HTML, Jscript, Coldfusion, ActionScript and Flash
■ Support for multi-threading in the database
■ Support for multi-versioning in the database
■ Separate Timer for Begining and ending of each SESSION
■ Support for executing more than one request at a time
■ Support for Uploading files and folder automatically
■ Custom event handlers
■ Support for creating remote events
■ Support for triggering remote events from within a SESSION
■ Support for serialization of objects
■ Support for Web based user interface’s
■ Nested activity providers
■ Support for running scripts from within a SESSION
■ Support for many popular third party frameworks
■ Support for Localizing texts and UI elements
■ Support for CSS and JavaScript
■ Support for HTML templates
■ Ability to easily create custom custom cell renderers
■ Support for calling custom methods within the HTML templates
■ Support for variable based conditional rendering of HTML
■ Support for conditional rendering of HTML based on values
■ Support for full text search based on values
■ Support for multiple callbacks
■ Support for supporting multiple languages
■ Support for Web based user interfaces with multiple screens
■ Support for updating the GUI views from the server side
■ Support for user-defined UI layout
■ Support for dynamically adding variables to

System Requirements:

For OS X users, the requirements are as follows:
* OS X 10.6 or later
* Compatible with Mac App Store applications. In the “Software” section of the Mac App Store,
select “View Details” for each application to see if they are compatible.
* AMD Radeon HD 2600 or later (except Fury) or GeForce 8500 or later
* Mac OS X 10.8 or later
* Intel Core 2 Duo or later
* Intel Core i5 or later
* 2 GB of memory