Find a Low-cost Chiropractor

If you’re seeking a chiropractor that is Affordable Chiropractor but aren’t sure where to start. You’ll find out how to locate one close to you without breaking the bank. Some chiropractors offer consultations without charge and leave time for patients. Four of the doctors that offer chiropractic services. All of them are accessible to Medicaid recipients. Apply now! Find out if you’re qualified! There are a variety of expenses you should consider.

Dr. Sean McKnight

As a chiropractor Dr. McKnight has been serving the community of Southern Utah since 2001. His area of expertise is auto accidents that cause injury. He is a Board Certified Chiropractic orthopedist, which is only one tenth of chiropractors in the US. Board Certification in chiropractic means additional training in neurological-musculoskeletal conditions, manipulation under anesthesia, biomechanical performance enhancement, and rehabilitation.

Dr. McKnight is an affordable chiropractor located in the Dallas region. Dr. McKnight specializes in the area of upper cervical chiropractic treatment. This treatment is intended to restore the nervous system’s normal state and lessen muscular spasms, pain and nerve irritation. This goal can be achieved by using gentle techniques such as Coxflexion/distraction and torque release as well as MC2. Each patient is treated with specific adjustments.

Dr. Mark Nicosia

Growing up in Corpus Christi, Texas, Dr. Mark Nicosia graduated from Parker University in Dallas. Since 2000, he has been practicing chiropractic medicine at Corpus Christi. Following the death of his father, he was informed that chiropractic care would be vital to help him recover. He made the decision to become a Affordable Chiropractor. He believes that chiropractic medicine can make an impact on people’s lives.

Dr. Larry Maddalena

Before opening the very first Joint Chiropractic Clinic in Texas in 2007, Dr. Larry Maddalena had a successful private practice located in California. He earned his degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic West in 1996 and earned doctorate degrees in Chiropractic. He became interested in the field of chiropractic after undergoing many treatments while a teenager to treat allergies and chronic back pain. He researched the field and then decided to start his own practice.

The website of the American Chiropractic Association lists Dr. Larry Maddalena. He can practice in many areas of expertise. Chiropractic is one of them. who has had extensive training in both physical therapy and sports medicine. He can be found at 4970 West Highway 290 Ste. 480 in Austin. His office does NOT advertise telehealth services. You can reach Dr. Maddalena directly if you would like to talk to him via video chat.

Dr. Michael Platt

Dr. Michael Platt, a highly-respected anaesthetic and pain medicine consultant, is highly regarded. He is the Medical Director at Sapphire Medical, a clinic that specializes in cannabis. He is an expert in difficult ailments like cancer pain or Affordable Chiropractor Ehlers Danos syndrome. The Care Quality Commission has certified the clinic. Dr. Platt also belongs to the British Chiropractic Association and the Association of Chiropractic Colleges, and the International Society of Sports Medicine.