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Working hand in hand with modern telecommunication methods, the Internet gives you the possibility to get in touch with anyone from anywhere. There's a high chance that your connection is shared with others. In this regard, Elephant Chat comes as a simple application that lets you get in touch with individuals connected to the same network.
Quick and easy connection setup
After a short installation, the main window pops up, putting all features at your disposal. Several areas can be accessed through the file menu. Although it might seem simple and smooth, it actually gets disturbing once you start chatting, and would have been a lot better for these areas to be kept in tabs.
As long as your network is active, all attendants need to write down the network name, which doesn't have to be the actual one. Other than that, writing your preferred user name and a corresponding password is all that keeps you from hitting the “Join” button. Pay attention to the status bar though, because there's no other way to tell whether or not you're connected.
Poor visual design
This is where the design starts to create frustration. Instead of being automatically taken to the chat room, you need to manually access it once you're connected. The element of surprise comes from the lack of a user list or any way to find out who's on, other than asking in the chat room and waiting for replies.
Further adding to frustration is the lack of an alert system to let you know when new replies are received. Even the text gets in your way, making identification incredibly difficult, especially in stormy session with a lot of talking. This is because font options are the same for name and replies, requiring a great deal of attention.
Extra features for file sharing
Other implemented features present similar issues. You can bring up a media and file manager in order to play songs and share files, but target items remain stuck in the “sending' phase, without an option to pick who to send to or view if you received anything. There's also a picture manager that lets you upload images, but one at a time and with no option to retrieve it.
A few last words
Taking everything into consideration, we come to the conclusion that Elephant Chat is only at the beginning of a long and difficult road to success. It comes with simple features, not all of them functioning as expected. If you happen to overlook them you quickly start questioning overall practicality, which is pretty close to zero.







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The Social Network for
all of you who want to be part of groups or make your own.
Add your friends here, or try finding out who else is
Chat directly with anyone, view and upload photos and
Once you are in the network, you can join in all the groups or create your own with one click.
Chat with your friends directly and privately on your
home screen. Share photos directly with people from your
Get instant messages instantly and see who is online
and what they are doing.
Download Elephant Chat for free and access the world
from your phone.

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Elephant Chat – Online Chat

Elephant Chat Description:

This is great app for meeting new friends through a chat room or on a Facebook chat page. There are many persons that chat for fun in your area. This is a powerful feature. It is very useful. Finding a chat room is easy. The interface is simple to use. The application is freeware.

elephant chat now available for you. This is an online chat room for you and your family. There are several chat rooms. But it is hard to find you. Now there are no more. All you need is to search the room and join. Share your message to your friends on social networks if you have. And to make your chat in a very simple way. I need this app very much. It is a very helpful and wonderful online chat room for free.

You can do chatting with your friends, relatives. You can search someone by her/his member name or by profile pictures. But beware to be honest to her/him because there are some malicious users who do not want to become a part of this room and they will do something bad to your account. It can lose your money.

You need to free send photos and play audio files. elephant is the very best application for chatting and meeting new friends online. You can share your opinion and know about other people. It is very easy. Send files, photos, money, chat room, keyboard keypad, and many other functions. This is very nice application for chatting. There are many problems with this application. You can search all your friends and relatives. You can also send media files from this application.

There are many websites or rooms like Facebook which are in different languages. You can also chat in different languages like English and Arabic. If you do not know how to use elephant chat then it is very easy for you to use it.

You need to sign up your Facebook ID and a member name. Then you can register your chat room. You can send and receive messages to/from friends. You can use your keyboard on chat room. You can send pictures and documents. You can also call and video chat with your friend.

Testers found no serious problems with Elephant Chat. There are not many problems for the application. You can download it for free from the online. If you have any problem to download Elephant Chat then you can contact us.

What’s New in the Elephant Chat?

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System Requirements For Elephant Chat:

OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i3-5010U 1.2 GHz or AMD A10-7850 1.4 GHz or faster
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 or AMD Radeon R9 290 series (1 GB VRAM)
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 4 GB available space
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Additional: DVD-ROM or USB flash drive and Adobe Flash Player 11.2