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To start your own adventure, escape the cell and fight for your life. Craft yourself and be free to make your own destiny!
Who would you be when you rise in the world? Wield the power of the trinity, metal, and bone to become an Elden Lord!

We are an indie developer from South Korea. We have more than 40 people working on the game.

We are now inviting players to share their stories and feedback with us. Contact us at any time. Contact us at [email protected]


* Vast World with an open-world map
* Create a unique character with a character creation tool.
* Customize your character with many different weapons and armors.
* Complete quests, craft items, build a dungeon, and travel through the Lands Between.
* Fight against a variety of monsters and battle bosses.
* Enjoy exciting and diverse story with fantastic artwork and graphic.
* A high-quality gaming experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

If you like this game, please rate and give us your feedback.

Your feedback and thoughts are important to us.

Feedback and Suggestions:

* Please contact us in English. If you see any other language in the game, it was not included with English. We want to make the game play smoothly no matter the language you are playing in.
* If you have any other suggestions, please contact us.

Thank you very much.

Comments and screenshots are welcome below.

Thank you for your reading.

If you want to support us, please rate the game or give us a review on Steam.

We want to thank the ones that have followed us.

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Features Key:

  • A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you, leading to a high sense of accomplishment.

  • Develop your character by equipping weapons, armor, and magic, as well as customizing their look. Then, select the on-screen character whose skills and attributes suit you.

  • Play online with friends and see their character in real time. With an online function that allows you to freely connect with other players, you can communicate in epic moments, and live a fantastic adventure with them.

  • Even if you’re in offline mode, your location, nearby monsters, and the regions nearby you can be searched and displayed on a mini-map by other players. Further, in addition to regular parties, you can also join a guild and listen to the dialogue among the members.

  • A fast battle system. You can enter a simple fight during a leisurely stroll or enjoy battles that feature variable timing. The player that has activated the timed button first will get a chance to attack. If you counterattack successfully, you can drain the Attack Points of your enemy. In addition, in battle, there are various ways to use your skill points that are accumulated when fighting. These attack techniques, known as types of skill, can be combined into a variety of combos.

  • All of the abilities you learn can be used online. They can be used to summon other party members, cast spells, revive your companion, completely change a weapon and so on.

  • Epic adventures centered around the story of the Lands Between. You need to join a party with other players. After that, while watching the story unfold, if your party wins a battle, you get to go ahead. If you defeat enemies, meet NPCs, and learn new abilities, your party will start to expand.

  • StoryThe main protagonist is a bitter and frustrated child who abandoned Elden in the Ruins of Elden. When they were abandoned by


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    1.6 out of 5 stars

    Tough engine, no tutorial, lite pixel graphics

    Games2jeep on July 14, 2020 The most recent version on Google Play Store is the 1.0.4 The version I have here is 1.6. The graphics aren’t very good, but the play mechanics are nice. You can’t skip boss fights, yet you can learn the combat system via tutorial. After you defeat a boss, you have a conversation and then the next boss. The music is nice, however, the sound effects aren’t very good.

    GREAT ACTION RPG. It’s a good action RPG with an interesting and unique storyline, good game mechanics. A great game to play.

    5 out of 5 stars

    RPG. Tons of interesting scenarios!

    Craian on February 23, 2020 This game is the best game ever! With so much content I just want to play.


    6 out of 5 stars


    Mokkan on February 23, 2020 The game has a bit of an issue with editing your mercenary, I’m not exactly sure why since I changed the name and was able to scroll through the mercenaries on the main page. but if you’re going to be a mercenary for a while, just make another, I know I had 4 or 5 toons. Then if you really want to change your mercenary name, you’ve got to create a new mercenary first.

    Other than that, the game is good.

    Great game to play.

    5 out of 5 stars

    Great game for the nostalgia

    Severi on January 27, 2020 WOW, the game is absolutely amazing. It’s so nostalgic! I felt like a kid again, waking up on a cool morning, excitedly waiting for the bus to school. Well, mostly for the bus, some other characters in town will be waiting for you and you’d be greeted with a present from ‘Guru’ 🙂 I enjoyed it to the fullest. Wouldn’t want to play it anywhere else.


    5 out of 5 stars

    Amazing, but the servers are down.

    Gutsdigger971 on January 13, 2020 I played this game for a few months. I saw a couple of teams that were organizing, with over a dozen of


    Elden Ring Crack + Activator Free Download

    • World of Fantasy Landscape and Submerged World
    • Adventure in a world with a variety of situations

    • Battle in a world with a variety of situations, such as open fields, seashores, swamps, dungeons, and stone pyramids, and face dangerous monsters such as dragons, demons, giants, dark elves, orcs, and other powerful monsters.

    * The first character “Elden Lord” will be bought out for free after the completion of the in-game purchase, this will be the first step.

    You will get a special title and exclusive accessories “Witch Assassin – Summoning Enchantment,” which will allow you to summon monsters and strengthen your attack skills on the enemy.

    * In addition to an exclusive weapon, “Elden Oeru Gunhoe” and “Elden Ice Ace” can be purchased using in-game currency upon entering the battlefield.
    * In addition to an exclusive weapon, “Elden Oeru Gunhoe” and “Elden Ice Ace” can be purchased using in-game currency upon entering the battlefield.

    • New classes from the classes “Redguard Knight” and “Greenguard Knight” have been added.
    • New classes from the classes “Redguard Knight” and “Greenguard Knight” have been added.

    The Erudite Weapon Users have had their skill stat increased.
    The Erudite Weapon Users have had their skill stat increased.

    Dual Weapons now use a new weapon model.
    Dual Weapons now use a new weapon model.

    Redguard Knight and Greenguard Knight are now usable in game.

    Abilities of Redguard and Greenguard Knight have been added.
    Abilities of Redguard and Greenguard Knight have been added.

    The new skills of Redguard and Greenguard Knight have been added.
    The new skills of Redguard and Greenguard Knight have been added.

    The same level cap increase has been added to the new class Redguard Knight and Greenguard Knight.

    Exclusive Class Items
    +3 Stamina
    +3 Weapon Skill
    +3 Magical Skills


    “Elden Buckler – Buckling Defense”
    +3 to Stamina
    The “Elden Buckler – Buckling Defense” has an increased stat.
    “Elden Buckler – Buck


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

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