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Experience the first fantasy RPG with a new premise designed by Square Enix.
A new fantasy story set between the MMORPG FINAL FANTASY and the live-action movie FINAL FANTASY XV!
Uncover the hidden story of the Elden Ring and fight alongside a mysterious young man in order to reach the final days of time!

□ An Epic Story in an Incredible World
Witness the thrilling story of a Final Fantasy RPG in which the story unfolds across various times and places.
□ Creativity Unleashed with Customizations and Combinations
In the first RPG ever where you can freely customize your character’s appearance, equip items, and use magic.
□ A Pivotal Plot in the Legend of the Rings
Enter the golden age where the legendary Final Fantasy and new Final Fantasy are united in a single world.

□ Vivi, a young man who rejects the fate of darkness.
□ Ultimecia, a young woman who is on the search for the lost peace.
[Online Battles]

□ Craft and nurture your character with an array of items, from weapons to powerful magic.
□ Fight fierce enemies by simultaneously using a variety of magic that can be freely combined.
□ Enjoy co-op multiplayer battles with your friends online.

□ Evolve Your Battle Style by Combining Weapon and Magic
Use a combination of weapons and magic to the fullest.
□ Strong attacks from a variety of weapons
Use multiple attacks as a powerful weapon to defeat your opponents.
□ Magic that can be freely combined with the weapon to use as a powerful chain
Use a variety of elements to create powerful chains that can make a decisive difference.

□ Battle Online with Friends
A variety of methods are used for synchronous and asynchronous online play.
□ Real-time versus battle system
Strategy-driven battles against your friends.
□ Local area network battle system
Synchronously play together with other players over a local network.
□ Matchmaking system
Synchronously enter a room with other players and play with them.
□ Competitive gameplay
Compete with up to three players over the ranked matchlist.

□ Battle to Find the Truth of the Elden Rings
The world is in turmoil and the fate of the entire land hangs on a scale


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    Elden Ring release in Q4, 2018

    An interview by *NGOC (Postal 2 art director): In the official note, you said that it was difficult to make a game with the theme of a newspaper and fight with a simple method. However, by using tools such as ActionrpgFGDK you made a realistically dynamic action RPG?
    Cgboss: That is correct. An ActionRPG is a genre of game that makes use of video game elements. For example, fighting, attacks, and the like.
    ActionRPGFGDK is a modification of the code of the popular game Final Fantasy Tactics, but as well as is a little simple. However, as it has unique features, it is now compatible. It is a struggle to use tools to make the kind of genre like ActionRPG.
    *NGOC: There are tools for constructing such games. I think that this kind of tools will continue to grow more and more,
    not only ActionRPGFGDK.
    Cgboss: ActionRPGFGDK will grow further and grow up. The world is vast, and there are many mania OnRPG. However, it has been very difficult to enter this market. I hope that in the future you will write more about the transition of the game.
    NGOC: Thanks for the interview, and I look forward to that.
    *NGOC: I see. There is something not understood. How are you going to publish


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    GameWorld “The player must face a variety of gameplay elements to become strong. If the strong player can keep up with it, the light will remain in their heart.”

    MobiRoll “The vast world with rich content will give the player a challenge. The story is one of the best parts in the game. The game will be very fun for fans of fantasy.”

    Wow!Games “I think the most interesting thing is the gameplay. With such a unique element, I can’t help but want to challenge myself.”

    GAME (1) “Story seems to be very rich and detailed. The characters are wonderfully voiced and entertaining.”

    GAME (2) “Compared with other Ragnarok Online games, the action packed elements and the use of three-dimensional battles are more refined, and the characters are even more likable.”

    GAME (3) “I played a lot of action-RPG games and wish to try something new. Overall I had fun playing as an Elden Lord.”

    GAME (4) “The game is really good. Since I am a veteran of Ragnarok Online, I didn’t get intimidated at all. The fact that the map is large and you get to choose your own path is great.”

    GAME (5) “I wish there were more quests like the one that gave me a huge amount of quest items. I am particularly interested in the area of the time limit… That was awesome!”

    GAME (6) “Maybe the game should be played with a different setting than ‘High Level’… It may be less confusing.”

    GAME (7) “All of the bosses will challenge you, so try to prepare well.”

    GAME (8) “The game is pretty long, but I am lucky and can travel everywhere in just a few days. So it’s not that bad.”

    GAME (9) “The quest system is very convenient. Since the quest items can be used to equip a character that suits your play style, it has a good balance.”

    GAME (10) “You can advance through the story in different ways, but I like the storyline that has its own method for reaching a conclusion. I feel like there is a lot of talent on the part of the game director.”

    GAME (11) “The art and character design are very good.”

    GAME (12) “The game’s sound effects are really good… Also, the music is


    Elden Ring With License Key Free

    Adventurer Characteristics. ELDEN RING
    Features a vast world filled with various races and heroes with their own specific strengths and weaknesses, and a game in which you lead your band through adventure and drama.
    Character Customization. ELDEN RING
    Customize your character’s appearance and equip weapons, armor, and magic. Equipped items are powerful, and can be left or disassembled to increase their strength.

    Action RPG Combat. ELDEN RING
    Perform powerful attacks that are enhanced by the effect of your equipped items. Damage the enemy by leading your allies to the enemy!
    Lands Between. ELDEN RING
    With the game world divided into several regions, the story begins as you travel to the Lands Between to reclaim the Holy Blade.

    1. An Epic Multilayer Story of Adventure, Drama, and Fantasy
    A multilayered story full of drama and excitement unfolds in The Lands Between.
    2. Open-Ended System Character Customization
    Customize your character’s appearance, equipment, and items to suit your play style.
    3. Game World that is Rich in Fantasy and Features
    A vast world that expands further as you progress. A game that offers elements of fantasy such as monsters, an expansive story, and an epic tournament full of excitement.
    4. An Action RPG Combat Filled with Drama
    Leverage the power of your equipped items as you battle with attacks and moves!
    5. Online Multiplayer
    Ready to destroy the enemy as you and your allies join together in a cooperative battle.
    Perform powerful attacks that are enhanced by the effect of your equipped items. Damage the enemy by leading your allies to the enemy!
    What is The Lands Between?
    The Lands Between is a game world in which the lands are divided into several regions. Now, a young man named Luca and his companions, each with a specific role, have arrived in a distant region to search for a Holy Blade.

    The Lands Between’s Main Features
    1. A massive world with the open field and the lush forest.
    2. A large variety of situations and complex dungeons to explore.
    3. A battle system that includes “Demo Mode” to introduce the features of the game.
    4. Cliche characters who support the story with their own characteristics.
    5. Massive quests.
    6. Various critical battles.
    7. A character that can develop


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    ©2012 CYBIRD Studio

  • Dev Blog
    December 21, 2014

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    – ELDEN RING needs a MOD and the MOD is only available from our
    server [ ].
    – You need to configure your MOD server and download the MOD from the link above.
    – To extract from the archive, you may use 7-Zip.

    REMOVE THE MOD from the server before playing ELDEN RING.
    If you don’t, your game will crash right away.

    This MOD will be removed within 30 days after it is installed.

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    Link – Installation fails if you are connected to the internet on a private network


    In order to play ELDEN RING if you’re connected to a private network, you have to modify a registry value as below:

    1. Close ELDEN RING before you continue this guide.

    2. Go to HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run

    3. Find the ELDEN RING executable file there and delete it.

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    IMPORTANT: If the firewall permits ELDEN RING to connect to the internet, you don’t have to do it,


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP
    Processor: 1.7GHz dual core or better
    Memory: 4GB RAM
    Hard disk: 500MB free space
    Graphics: DirectX 11
    Sound: DirectX 11 compatible sound card
    DirectX: Version 11
    DVD/CD writer
    Video Card: Intel HD 4000
    Video Memory: 2GB
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