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A brand new fantasy action RPG that features an all-new online play system, trading card game elements, and an original story about the Lands Between. As an official cross-platform title that combines the strength of both smartphone and console environments, it has been optimized to be enjoyed across multiple platforms.
New story about the Lands Between
Play as the hero of a fantasy world called the Lands Between, a place where the Spirits known as the Forsaken merge with the Material realm, with high-quality visuals and an original story that unfolds in light of the events of “The Elden Ring Cracked Accounts”.

New Action Game Engine
A powerful online multiplayer action game engine with in-depth maps and fearsome monsters.
✓ Please Note: Online play requires additional data charges
◆ Features
• Battle against waves of enemies and fearsome monsters in arenas with deep strategic depth. The various weapons, armor, and battle tactics let you enjoy a variety of exciting moves.
• Enjoy a variety of other features
※ [1] Online Play
■ Available
・ Play against players from around the world in real time
・ Achieve a variety of objectives by searching for the Elden Rings hidden in maps and dungeons
・ Experience the action that gets bigger and better as more and more players join the same server
■ Playable Characters
• Althea, a quiet girl who can bond with the Spirits known as the Forsaken
• Valdolf, a cheerful man with a carefree spirit and a lack of mastery of the Spirits
• Ezri, an elder who is a master at the spirits known as the Forsaken
• Durendal, a self-claimed and strong knight who acts as the go-between of the Spirits known as the Forsaken and the Material World

◆ [2] Online Ranking and Item Management
■ Available
・ Become the number one duelist among the large number of servers
・ Compare duel results with others and earn a variety of items including special items like weapons, armor, and potions
◆ Contents
• Online Ranking
※ Total gold earned and items received will appear on your profile on other platforms
• Online Item Management
※ Connect to the Gametag on other platforms, open the [Store] window and add items to your account by tapping “Purchase”

◆ [3] Trading Card Game Elements
■ Available
・ Battle other players directly, or join the same battle with up to four players through the [Match] window


Features Key:

  • A Vast World Full of Excitement – Design a new land in the Lands Between… a broad and beautiful world with natural landscapes that are unforgiving yet beautiful.
  • A Bold and Dynamic Story that is Adversely Boiled Down – A multilayered drama that unfolds in the Lands Between. The player creates their own dramatic story and directs the characters towards their own goals.
  • A Library Full of Useful Items – A library full of items that you can use to quickly grow your character.
  • An Offline World that Lets You Play for Free – The items and characters in the game are independent of connection type, allowing you to freely play even offline.
  • A Host of Characters and Their Various Classes and Trades – Customize your character with countless versions of clothing, weapons, and armor.July 20, 2015

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    ◆ “The most impressive thing is the performance of the graphics and the fluid motion of the characters.”

    ◆ “The smooth-moving camera is also great, allowing you to enjoy the game’s excellent graphics.”

    ◆ “The game’s graphics and sound are unbelievable.”

    ◆ “The dungeons are scattered all over the world, but there are many places where you can find a field where you can enjoy a match.”

    ◆ “The characters are appropriately voiced, and the way they move is fine.”

    ◆ “The number of options for customization is great.”

    ◆ “The voice actors are great, and the stories are also well thought out.”

    ◆ “The game doesn’t have an introduction. It automatically launches when you click the title.”

    ◆ “The battle system is more fun than usual.”

    ◆ “The game’s story is deeper than usual.”





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    Elden Ring [Updated]


    Translations [English] [Français] [Español] [Português] [Русский]


    1) English
    2) French
    3) Spanish
    4) Portuguese
    5) Russian
    6) Korean
    7) Traditional Chinese
    8) Simplified Chinese
    9) Japanese
    10) Thai
    11) Traditional Chinese

    Please make translations!


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    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    These are the descriptions of Sword Art Online: Lost Song for the PC version. Battle for your smartphone is coming soon!

    Photo source: Smdkorea


    Grace, on the other hand, will battle in the first-person perspective, likely making constant references to games like Quake.

    Lost Song’s Grace, developed by Bandai Namco Studios, is slated for launch in Japan this summer. Read Details.

    Our Opinion

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Minimum Requirements:
    Windows 7 or higher
    Intel Core i3 or AMD CPU
    4 GB RAM
    DirectX 9.0
    NVIDIA® GeForce® FX 5200 or ATI® Radeon® X1300 series or equivalent with 256 MB VRAM
    1024×768 display resolution, 16-bit colour, 1680×1050 or higher
    Broadband Internet connection
    Recommended Requirements:
    Intel Core i5 or AMD CPU
    NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 260 or ATI®