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ECover-Maker is an advanced application designed to enable you to create professional 3D Ebook covers, CDs, membership cards and more. You can apply 15 different style variations within the software. The Boxes and e-Covers generated are professional and elegant looking. The Software Compiles everything, you just have to choose your pre-designed front image, side image, top image, etc and select options like styles, shadows, reflections, colors, transparent or not, background, etc.









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– 15 different style options – Create Easy to Read books in your own design – Create the book by laying text layers and copy text from the document – Create Ebooks that can be read by the Pocket PC, E-Book Reader, Kindle and other readers – Create CD Jackets – Create membership cards and more – Create 3D Ebook Covers – Add Scanned Images to the book – Save the finished work as JPG or PDF – Export the finished files as TIFF, PNG, JPG, PDF etc – Export the finished files as TIFF, PNG, JPG, PDF etc – Export the finished files as TIFF, PNG, JPG, PDF, or JPG – Export the finished files as TIFF, PNG, JPG, PDF or JPG – Provides a built-in World Map – Creates a book that can be read on the e-reader – Auto-Align option lets you automatically align book layers – A Preview panel in the main window so you can see the book – An Open the Chapter panel for selecting chapters – An Add, Move, Delete, Zoom, Roll, and Pause button – And a Drag and Drop method that works like a Picture Frame – Copy Text from the Document – Create a Book by Laying Text – Create a Book by Laying Text and Edit it – Create a Book by Laying Text and Edit it – Import a Page from a Word File – Import a Page from a Word File – Mark Chapter, Section, Paragraph, Word or Character – Mark Chapters, Sections, Paragraphs, Words or Characters – Move the Position of the Text – Move Text horizontally and vertically – Page Rotation – Insert Images – Inserting multiple PDF/JPG/PNGs – Inserting multiple PDF/JPG/PNGs – Replacing a Word – Replacing a Word – Un-Merge Layers – Un-Merge Layers – Updates Layer Settings – Updates Layer Settings – World Map The item includes the following 4 software components: – ECover-Maker Free Download Installer v1.0 (213.88KB) – Ecover-Maker v1.0 (4.28MB) – Ecover-Maker Translator v1.0 (1.0MB) – eCover-Maker Zipped Folder v1.

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• Easy To Use • Generates Excellent Quality ebooks covers, CDs, business cards and more • Full Professional ebooks covers are generated with ease • You can design more than one full ebook cover and output multiple files in one go • The technology is very advance and keeps your design efficient and easy to follow • Completely customize your ebooks with photos, logos, and text • Export to Powerpoint, Word, PDF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, etc. • The generated ebooks covers are very professional and elegantly look • Compile the whole cover like one image (like ebooks) • Select different color themes, ebooks, CD covers, business cards, menus, ebooks etc • The software is fully compatible with the iCloud system • You can change the size of the different images in the software. • Compile your finished product: ebooks, CDs, business cards. • You can choose to export the finished ebooks in DRM protected formats such as EPUB, MOBI, PDF, etc • Enhancements: • Choose to combine Images and Text • Choose to Print your ebooks covers on paper • Color Image Preview • Choose to compress the images • Choose to save the Images in different formats • Choose to enable or Disable Reflections • Choose to enable or Disable Shadows • Enable or Disable Highlight • Choose your preferred background image • Choose your preferred image for the backend image • Choose your preferred color for the external border, text and text images. • Switch backgrounds • Choose an overlay color for the background • You can choose from different overlays • Choose from different side images • Choose your own back image • Choose your own front image • Choose your own text color • Choose your own text type • Flip images horizontally or vertically • Unhide or Hide individual layers • Split individual images into two different groups • Color mask • Turn Image into a slideshow • Hide or Unhide individual layers • Preview your art in different size • Change the font type and size of the text • Choose a custom font size and color • Previewing of the image with different options • You can change the size of the images and text • Image Inversion • Image Frame • Border and Text Effect • Resize images • Adjust shadows • Adjust colors • Choose the border color • 2f7fe94e24

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– Any images (jpg, gif, png, tiff) can be used. You can even save JPGs and import them later. – You can choose from 15 different style variations – Any number of pages can be inserted in any order. – Option to save and export files in any format. – Option to include Watermark text. – Option to include Arial, Trebuchet and other fonts. Deja Book-Maker is a Premium Windows application, developed to make book covers, photo books, and other documents into a professional-looking presentation. It provides more than 40 pre-designed templates to you, which can be customized using print effects. You can select any of the available backgrounds and skins and use them to change the style of your cover. For a limited time, you can download 10 book templates from the Demo version for free! You can purchase Deja Book-Maker for $48.95, and it comes with 1 year free updates. The update includes everything you need, and you can even save your own templates. You can use the professional quality output to sell as a premium service. The book covers can be customized as you need. You can also use the build-in maker to create a new image, and then place it in your cover. Deja Book-Maker Description: – 40+ backgrounds and skins can be used to customize your book – Use the built-in maker to create a new image – Use the built-in maker to create a new image – Save your own background and skin – Type of skin can be changed – Background can be changed – Creates great content on CD and e-book covers – Add your own page pictures, watermark and text – Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 3D Covers Maker is a downloadable application which lets you create professional 3d covers for your Windows and other ISO (inflatable) discs. The cover can be exported as an.html file. There is no registration required. What’s new in this version: Added new 3D Models, Organizer, Fonts & Pantograms category Improved font window and pantogram window Improved the user interface (make preview button was moved to the right, menu, and so on) Added new and updated template models ExpertDesk is an easy and powerful application that automates the tasks you need to do every day on your computer

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This is a full featured tool to create very high quality covers for your Ebooks, CDs, membership cards, or other PDF products, Just like a high-end graphic designer! It automatically compiles everything, you only have to select the different styles and options that you want! The covers you can get are flexible and easy to edit! It supports 15 styles, and it has many features like shadow, reflections, changing colors, background, etc. Features: * Click on the Design function to start designing your cover! * It is very easy to edit and customize your cover: You can just click on the “Undo” function to get your work back to the previous state. * Use the “Calculate” function to automatically calculate the price. * You can preview the work on the right side: The preview window will automatically adjust to fit your cover, and you can choose to keep the preview window open in the background, or close it. * The preview window can be either hidden or opened by using the menu buttons. * When you choose the “Pricesheet” option, the preview window will be closed, and you can see a “Pricesheet” list on the right side. * When the “Pricesheet” window is open, you can double click on the price inside the list to change the price, and it will be automatically saved and will be converted to a cover price. * You can also choose to print the covers! * Using the menu options: — Back: To go back to the previous design — Back to start design: to go back to the start design — Save PDF/DJVU: to save the PDF/DJVU version you are working on — Reset: to reset the progress — Recover: to recover a file that was corrupted — Scale: to zoom in/out the image — Rotate: to rotate the image — Flip: to flip the image vertically — Repeat: to repeat the image (do the same design on the same image) — Smart Touch: to choose the font size according to the cover size. — Delete: to delete the selected image — Duplicate: to duplicate the selected image * Save: to save the last design * Using the drop-down list boxes: — Insert Photo: to choose the image to insert into the cover — Insert Logo: to choose the logo to insert into the cover — Insert Text: to

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Minimum: OS: Windows 7 or Windows 8 Processor: Intel Core i3 2.4 GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 945 GHz Memory: 4 GB RAM DirectX: Version 11 Hard Disk: 12 GB free space Video Card: AMD HD 7850, NVIDIA GTX 660, AMD HD 7870, NVIDIA GTX 970, AMD Radeon R9 290 Additional Notes: nVidia users can install nVidia PhysX/DirectX Graphics Driver 10.1 Recommended: OS