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As applied to alchemy, the germ is the atomic quantity and the “DNA” of the substance, while the husk is the type that the substance would fill. First, the fluidic energies are concentrated into electrons, protons, and different subatomic particles; they’re later mixed to type an atom, which possesses the germ of “the Seed,” the atomic quantity and construction of the blue-print and thoughtform of what it would finally become. The Seed In a figurative sense, the alchemical seed, identical to an abnormal seed, المتابعين possesses both germ and husk–the male and feminine qualities. Christ is sometimes described as a stone–a nook stone that is also at the same time its peak–which architecturally, describes a pyramidal structure; within the above sense, Christ, Light, Life, and Love are synonymous, for they all partake the character of the Stone; all of them have the capability to transmute man’s being. Precipitation could occur instantly, as in a paranormal manifestation, or after a lapse of time depending on the character and magnitude of the archetype.

Hindu mystics typically call First Matter “Akasha,” which means “Space.” Cosmic Mind creates by presenting a kind, a thought-kind, a blue-print of the intended manifestation, and coalescing round it the required substance from Prima Materia. Mind, the Director, the Philosopher’s Stone, nourishes Seeds with Prima Materia. Cosmic Root Substance is the Prima Materia, the primary Matter, or “Chaos,” from which all components and substance proceed. There are far more elements that play a role in bringing your food app to life. Qabalistically talking, The fruits of the Tree of Life are absorbed into Ain Sof and Ain Sof Aur; these are lowered of their essence to Ain, the One, the All, the Unknowable. Ethically speaking, before man attempts to put the forces of nature into action, it is expedient that he contemplates as to the worthiness of his designs. Since there are various classes of alchemy, it’s possible that the Stone differs at each alchemical level, taking on a different characteristic and nature. On a transcendental stage, to transmute oneself into a god, one would require a god-pattern, a god-ideally suited visualized and meditated upon. Once the image is perfected one assumes or identifies oneself with it, preserving it consistently in mind even after the meditation session.

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Only when Man truly reflects the picture of his creator المتابعين will he be given authority to do so. Technically, the mind of Man synchornizes with the god-archetype, and by magnetic induction, is transformed into the god. It’s in every single place present however no where manifested until magnetized by the Mind. Alchemical Seeds are archetypes–the essences or germs of manifestations, and that which is in the means of being manifested. The methods correspond with the practices of Vajrayana in Tibetan Buddhism, as for instance, the discipline of the “divine delight” of being a Buddha. There is a divine flame of life, anchored in the heart. The center of the crown chakra, and the heart chakra anchored to the thymus gland, are websites where the stone unfolds its energy. Apart from Love, other features of God, of Omneity, could be said to be the Stone, resembling Supreme Reason, Wisdom, Power and Light. Hindu yogis declare that those who do not love, develop outdated rapidly.