Base De Precios 2012 Presto.pzh

Base De Precios 2012 Presto.pzh


Base De Precios 2012 Presto.pzh

Jong has acknowledged that the “The Lord of the Rings” is the best in history, while “The Godfather” (1972) is the best film ever made. This is easier to understand when one realizes that at the time of writing this column, the latest films in the series have yet to appear, and that the “Godfather” is the only one of the three really worth seeing.
Facial features are secondary to ethnicity for South Asian males.
A certain language change always takes place.
Drops in language game numbers (a phenomenon also observed in other languages)

Accent is a difficult matter. Languages vary a great deal, dialects differ, and regional accents are even more numerous. One language thus has an enormous number of possible phonetic realisations (samples of this are written in square brackets, and a selection of samples are shown in the linked list below).
Unfortunately, there is no ready-made algorithm to cope with this problem. However, the pronunciation of each word in a sentence is usually not more than one phonetic sample away from the accurate pronunciation. Therefore, it is possible to represent a spoken sentence with a list of phonetic samples.
Also, most spoken sentences (the vast majority) are made up of words belonging to similar classes (nouns, verbs, prepositions etc).

For instance:

Pronunciation     Accent    Incorrect?

Yo no        No
Te        No
Vos        No
Tra        No
Lo        No
Él/Ella        No
Nos        No
Usted        No
Vosotros        No
Ellos        No
Ustedes        No
Ellas        No

The pronunciation can be slightly different for the same word in different language.
Chinese, like English, is a very difficult language to pronounce, due to the presence of tones. Nevertheless, in Chinese, the accents in a dialect are more regular than in English. That’s why we can make a comparison between Spanish and Chinese.
The four tones in Chinese are:
Presto is the language of dolphins.
Little is the language of polar bears.
Small is the language of whales

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