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Girlfriend – OPM

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Copyright All the lyrics on this site are copyrighted by their respective authors. The lyrics may not be stored, printed or distributed without the written permission of the author.It’s a gamble you’re used to taking. When you gamble, you’re using your money to play the odds. When you gamble on stocks, you’re trying to predict how prices will change over time.

How good are you at predicting market moves? Fears that social media platforms are gaining too much influence in this regard have resulted in the creation of a “platform index” that rates the relative importance of different social media platforms to market pricing.

The idea is that if a specific social media network is causing high levels of volatility, investors can choose to remove themselves by selling their shares on those platforms and buying those that seem less volatile. The theory is that this will make prices more predictable and less volatile.

In this case, the left-hand side of the graph is a scale of how much price movement is being caused by one particular platform. The right-hand side is an index, which combines various factors, including daily volume, to rate how much influence a platform has on the market.


Facebook is the most influential platform on the market, and it also has the most potential for volatile price swings. The graph shows that Facebook has been having an increasingly powerful effect on the market — and when it starts getting too much influence, investors withdraw their money.

As this chart shows, Facebook’s influence peaked at the end of May, and since then has been gradually reducing. Its price volatility has been high, even more than Twitter’s.


Twitter is less influential, but its influence is growing. According to ComScore, Twitter’s volume in the United States is 1.25 billion on an average day, compared to Facebook’s 1.18 billion.

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