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Downloading AutoCAD

The first AutoCAD version to be made available for downloading to personal computers was AutoCAD 1984 on the Macintosh computer operating system. Before this, AutoCAD was a software package that came with the engineering-services firm that hired you to do the work. Starting in 1985, a first version of AutoCAD was available to purchase by itself. AutoCAD 1984 cost $3,500. AutoCAD 1986 cost $3,500. AutoCAD 1988 cost $6,500. AutoCAD 1988 introduced significant changes to the user interface, especially to the use of graphics (as seen in this video). This first PC version of AutoCAD had similar features to the original 1981-1983 versions.

Why does a business need to use AutoCAD?

CAD and drafting programs (usually) provide the means to design 2D and 3D objects.

Designing in 2D before 3D is faster, more precise, and less expensive.

3D modeling and drafting is more accurate, produces more precise construction documentation, and is the method used for creating a building model to analyze a structure’s structural behavior.

Free Download AutoCAD Tutorials

This list of free tutorials for AutoCAD is intended to help new AutoCAD users get started.

This tutorial is based on Autodesk’s latest release (AutoCAD 2018). It shows how to select blocks, create and edit objects, and create a cross-section. The complete project is in AutoCAD LT.

This tutorial is based on Autodesk’s latest release (AutoCAD 2018). It shows how to save and export, review and print, and import and export. The complete project is in AutoCAD LT.

This tutorial shows the basics of creating 2D shapes. It includes the creation of complex shapes, such as compound shapes.

This tutorial covers the basics of drawing a line. It includes the creation of complex line styles.

This tutorial covers the basics of drawing with the pen tool. It includes the creation of complex pen strokes.

This tutorial shows the basics of creating blocks. It covers the creation of complex shapes and the methods used for manipulating blocks.

This tutorial shows the basics of creating text. It covers the creation of complex fonts.

This tutorial is designed to teach users to work in layers. It shows how to add objects to the drawing that

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AutoCAD Activation Code LT has the ability to import and export finite element simulation data, allowing the modeling of engineering, structural and mechanical systems. This capability is based on the finite element simulation solution from Ansys. Autodesk added the simulation feature in AutoCAD LT 2009 for release with v16.

The Autodesk Exchange Apps marketplace includes AutoCAD-based simulation tools.

3D Printing
AutoCAD LT 2007 was the first version of AutoCAD that supported the importation of 3D prints, from other CAD programs such as Sketchup, Blender and even Zbrush.

Built-in functionality

AutoCAD provides tools for construction drawing, architectural design, technical design and 2D drafting. Designers of all backgrounds and design disciplines can work in AutoCAD. The program is considered to be easy to learn, simple to use, and powerful, yet relatively inexpensive.

Drafting and drawing

A notable feature of AutoCAD is the ability to create a parallel coordinate system that can be placed anywhere within the drawing area. This feature allows the creation of complex drawings where drawing objects are placed in a coordinate plane, and lines are “clipped” at a particular coordinate to create new objects. Objects that are in the plane are hidden until the “Active View” changes.

Design tools


AutoCAD has tools for drafting in 2D and 3D. The latest 3D drafting features include basic CAD, CAE, mechanical and architectural models. Also, 3D Revit is an optional program that allows users to import and convert into AutoCAD for import into other models. AutoCAD has drawing algorithms for bent and free-hand curves, dimensionless and repetitive, exacting and progressive dimensions, four-quadrant dimensioning, dimensioned axonometric projection, gantt diagram, grid views, offset, point to point dimensioning, rope, text, type, vectors, workarounds, and all of the basic drafting tools.

Technical design

AutoCAD has three types of technical drawing features:

Civil 3D – A 3D architectural, mechanical, and electrical design application with a large library of over 1 million lines of content.
Electrical Design – An application for the design and construction of electrical systems for commercial and residential building projects.
Mechanical Design – A mechanical design application that provides a unified mechanical/structural design environment for both commercial

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Rework Editor:

Workflow to draft quickly and easily using the Rework editor, a new tool to create, work, review, and save drawings. This workspace organizes files based on the steps you take and helps you easily access your favorite tools for quicker drawing, editing, and commenting.


Save and export groups from drawings with powerful tools. New features of groups support multilevel organization of groups in the same way that you organize your files. New “do” tools help you quickly combine different tools together to make working on drawings easier and more efficient.


New animation tools streamline the process of moving and transforming one or more objects in your drawing. Easily animate three-dimensional objects with new rotation tools, tool-specific faders, and on-the-fly masking. Make your 2D drawings more realistic with 360-degree rotation, dynamic painting, and orthogonal rotation.

Drafting Tools:

The Drafting Tools toolset now includes new tools to improve how you draw. Wireframe commands simplify drawing and editing 2D objects with great visual results. Add 3D dimension and text to any 2D object with the Object Plane command. Enable editing with the Viewport Roller command. Plus, the Create Tool Path command, draw with the Tool Path Draw tool, and add 3D tools.


Accelerate critical tasks like engineering, manufacturing, and construction. New tools in IntelliPoint make it easier to design and create models that adhere to engineering standards. Use the Project Tab to view engineering data, add assembly constraints to drawings, and construct projects. Design drawings with simple taskbars and intuitive tooltips.


Design, plan, and deliver projects more efficiently. Create and synchronize projects with others quickly and easily in a shared workspace. Manage project data with the new Project Manager, in which you can organize and manage projects by stage, with project deliverables, and create and edit key project documents.

Project Tabs:

Project Tabs let you view and manage project information as a timeline. You can easily view tasks, schedules, and milestones using the tabs. Keep tabs on tasks and plans with the new Tasks and Stages views, and work with multiple projects at once. Use the Project Managers to add, view, and manage projects.

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