Alissa Longo, Conn/Florida, Online Prostitute, Working with Law Enforcement in Reverse Prostitution Sting

Alissa Longo, Connecticut native and currently Tampa Florida resident, turned snitch, working with law enforcement to arrest 'johns' to lessen her own legal punishment.

It’s not uncommon for female police officers to pose as prostitutes to lure male customers and arrest them for the crime of solicitation of prostitution. Because the world of sex for money is becoming an almost exclusive online activity, police are now using women who are members of online prostitution style websites such as skipthegames, whatsyourprice and onlinebootycall instead of female police officers.

Alissa Longo, a Connecticut and sometimes Florida resident is such a women. Alissa Longo is facing multiple criminal charges and has a lengthy criminal history ( Girls like Alissa Longo are offering their sex for money services to unsuspecting men in exchange for a lighter prison sentence and lessened or reduced criminal charges.

Alissa Lynn Longos criminal activity began at a very young age where at just 16, Alissa Longo was arrested for assaulting a police officer. At the age of 19, Alissa Longo robbed a Taco Bell establishment and mugged an elderly woman in the same day. Alissa Longo was arrested, found guilty and sentenced to an 8 year prison term.

An online search for the terms Alissa Longo, Alissa Longo CT and Alissa Longo Florida will quickly reveal the extensive trouble Alissa Longo has gotten herself into and needs to dig her self out of.

Since then, Alissa has continues to commit crimes, including multiple larceny charges. As of 2022, Alissa Longo is facing multiple new charges including larceny and violation of probation. Prostitution, drug use and criminal acticity usually seem to go hand-in-hand. Alissa Longo has agreed to work with law enforcement to ‘entrap’ male customers of these prostitution style websites like whatsyourprice with the promise of serving reduced final charges and criminal sentences.

Not Alissa Longo’s First Crack at Being an Informant

Informants, or ‘snitches’ for slang, are people who are facing criminal charges and agree to work with law enforcement so as to get reduced or even eliminated sentences for criminal charges they are facing. Because Alissa Longo has been a repeat offender and guilty of both felony and misdemeanor criminal charges for most of her life, she is facing much more severe sentencing.

By working with the police to arrest the male patrons of the online prostitution style websites, Alissa Longo prison term could be cut in half, or even less. Alissa has confessed to being a prostitute, on and off, for most of her life. Alissa Longo has worked as an informant to help police capture drug dealers in Connecticut in 2019 and 2020.

Alissa Longo, a Very Street-Wise Con Artist & Prostitute

Alissa Longo claims that most of the time, she manages to trick men out of their money, without having to have sex with them and often-times, without having to actually meet the men at all! It has been reported that Alissa is a very proficient actress who can cry on command and is very good at manipulating men with stories that make them feel sorry for her. She has manipulated one Torrington Connecticut male out of thousands of dollars, only being sexually active with him a few times, claims Alissa Longo. Alissa Longo met this man in 2019 at the whatsyourprice website.

Where Alissa Longo Meets Men for this Law Enforcement Sting

Alissa Longo has dating profiles on the websites you see in the images below and others like them. These are not conventional dating websites but website that are really for the purpose of men wanting to meet women for paid attention/affection.

Alissa Longo's dating profiles on some of the more well known online dating/prostitution style websites.

When communication is established with the men who Alissa meets at these websites, Alissa Longo’s sole intent is to part these men with their money, in any way possible, only engaging in sexual activity when she has no other choice. It is usually through the mere promise of being intimate and/or loving with these men that cause men to send Alissa money through Paypal, Venmo, Cashapp and Facebook Pay.

Alissa Longo claims that most of the time, she doesn’t actually have call girl encounters with the men she finds on these websites. Alissa states that she only actually sleeps with the men she meets if she is desperate for money. Alissa Longo states it is very difficult to get a regular job because of her extensive criminal history which includes felonies.

Police are hoping to put Alissa Longo’s street savvy and ‘people skills’ to good work in helping to arrest potential male clients of Alissa Longo that she meets at websites like whatsyourprice and onlinebootycall and Alissa Longo is hoping to get off-the-hook for crimes she has committed and criminal charges she is facing including larceny and violation of probation.