8 Gifts which you can give to an acquaintance

Finding a gift for someone can be difficult sometimes. Especially when you don’t know the person or with whom you are acquaintance with. How would you know what to gift an old acquaintance whom you met on your trip to Dehradun? You’ve had a few random conversations like how they ordered the cake for everyone during the trip with cake delivery in Dehradun or their favorite new movies. But now a situation has arisen where you need to give them a gift. If you are in a similar situation then I have curated a list of gifts that can be given to anyone on any occasion. 

A Streaming Service Subscription

Every day new shows, movies, and dramas are coming. And everyone is eagerly waiting for it either stream it illegally or download a copy of the movie. For this, you can gift them any streaming service subscription which would make their life more fun. They would be able to enjoy their favorite movies anytime they want.

Food subscription

Everyone loves food. This can also be converted into gifting. You can gift food subscription boxes where they would be able to taste different foods without stepping a foot outside. If they live alone and don’t know how to cook then gift them a lunch subscription so they can have great food. You can gift them food coupons for any good restaurant as well. Gift them coupons for bakeries so they can get discounts on online cake delivery whenever they want.

Scented Candles

If you notice the person getting anxious or are under a lot of stress then scented candles can be a great choice. They are mood makers and also provide health benefits like making you calm, reducing stress and anxiety, and many more. The candles come in beautiful packages which also makes them aesthetically pleasing. You can choose from a wide range of smells to gift from.

Resilient desktop plants

How can tiny pants not make someone’s mood happier! Desktop plants can provide aesthetic appeal and a trickle of mental health. They are definitely a visual treat and practically mood-lightening and definitely a win.


Probably the easiest and best gift idea one can select is to gift chocolates because they never tend to disappoint anyone. It always brings a smile to everyone’s face. They are surely a green flag and the permanent “to go” gifting idea.


Another easiest gift is flowers. Flowers are really flexible gifts. There are flowers for every occasion, aesthetically pleasing, helps in focusing, etc which makes them a great gift. Each flower has a meaning attached to it. You can find flowers which are accurate for your occasion and gift them. You can add a small note with flowers expressing to spend some time together to change the relationship from acquaintance to friends. 


Jewelry is a great accessory. They can add more definition to one’s outfit. You can gift small everyday jewelry which they can wear with anything. This gift can be a little hard to choose as there are many beautiful and affordable options out there.

Kitchen items

Nowadays cute quirky kitchen items are on a roll. These kitchen items make everyday cooking tasks easy and also make them aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. You can find some cute kitchen items which you think would be great for anyone. Another benefit of this is its price range. You can find some cute quirky items for a cheap price.

I hope this list helped you in finding a gift that anyone would love to have like your acquaintance.